Need information and opinions re: MX banks National and international. I am a Residente Permanente

Opening checking accounts / Debit Card/ Fees / Internet Accessibility /  Websites / Acceptance of Card / Internet Transactions / Customer Service...Branch...Website...Telephone English speakers

Any information positive or negative would be helpful


If you are ever in the US, just open a checking account with Charles Schwab.  It is both totally free (no check or ATM fees, ever), beating every bank I've ever even heard of.  I just opened one myself:)

Lots of locals seen to be switching to citibankbanamex. Apparently some banks have become an issue especially for people in business here, What that is about I'm not sure but I know the owner of my house dropped HSBC very quickly,

I have not had any good experiences with Scotia. The Federales seem to use BBVA. the biggest bank in Mexico which has Spanish roots. If Mexico is going to look at some banks with a jaundiced eye I'm not sure about how they would feel about Schwab the investment company, you would, of course, want a bank that can function in both countries.

Schwab is an international bank, completely accepted all over Mexico and the US.  When you sign up for a checking account, you automatically get an investment account, but it is under an entirely different account number, and you don't have to even use it unless you want to.   Best of all, 100% of Mexican ATM usage is FREE, no fees whatsoever.

We have banked with Charles  Schwab  since we lived in San Francisco before retiring to two disparate communities in Mexico some 20 years ago. Those communities are Ajijic, Jalisco and San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas.  Two communities far distant from each other both in geographic distance and demographically. We also bank locally in Mexico at BBVA Bancomer which has branches all over the country in both remote locations and major urban centers.  We started doing business with BBVA  since in 2001 when we moved to  Ajijic, it was the only major bank in town with extensive branching all over Mexico and our experience with them over 20 years has been OK,meaning largely acceptable with rare exceptions  over the years.  No significant complaints. Schwab  over the years has been exceptional  and there are ATMs all over Mexico owned by countless
financial institutions or in France, the U.S. and countless other countries across the globe that consistently honor our Schwab account with ATM cash withdrawals and this is an important advantage of Schwab because we, as retirees, totally depend on ATMs across the world  for access to cash. Do not underestimate this critical asset you will need as retirees or you could find yourself in Kathmandu or Mumbai or Podunk Mexico or Topeka  without a pot to pee in.  Any time I experience problems getting instant ATM cash in any denomination internationally or locally out in the  wilds of rural Chiapas, I have access to Schwab to solve the problem over their international phone lines.  I would dread  having to depend on that with BBVA  and also dread the thought of sitting on a park bench in  rural Guatemala without the ability to afford even one marginal meal at the nearest   street vendor.

Thanks 2shoes...I currently have BoA in the US. BoA also has an alliance with Scotia bank. I can do atm withdrawals from Scotia without incurring fees. I want to open an account with a MX bank. Scotia does not have a large presence in Campeche. In the city of Campeche only one branch and two remote ATM's. I have an HSBC account in US. But, if I make ATM withdrawals in MX the transaction is treated as a foreign, out of network, with all the attendant fees.

Other people have suggested BBVA. How is their internet banking and card acceptance for internet transactions.

Anyone have experience with Santander.

My advice is to keep the bulk of your savings in foreign banks.  In our case that means the U.S. and France which are our respective native lands.

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