Bank of America / Scotiabank

A heads up to the people in MX that use their BoA debit card to withdraw funds (MXP) from Scotiabank ATM's.  Scotia is an affiliate of BoA.  A person using a BoA debit card should not be charged any use/withdrawal fees from Scotia or BoA, other than BoA will charge a 3% Int'l trans action fee.

BEWARE:  At least in Campeche, Scotia has added a permission screen that shows the various exchange rates. If one is not conversant of the current Forex rate, the Scotia rate can be 1.5 MXP less. This is the bank spread. BoA always grants the Forex rate within a couple of centavos.

The Scotia screen will ask, at the lower right, "Do you accept this exchange rate" If you press, indicating you do, the ATM will dispense pesos at the deeply discounted rate.   At the lower left you can "decline" acceptance of the rate. The ATM will default to the BoA/Forex rate and dispense the correct amount of pesos.

For me, before discovering this, on a 4000 MXP withdrawal I calculated 300+ pesos differance between the two exchange rates.

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