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So, I recently came to cambodia through an organisation called I-To-i to teach english voluntarily. My first Visa was the Type-E Business Visa allowing me 30 days stay, I then extended this to a type EG Visa to grant me a further 3 months stay, working voluntarily.

The problem I have now is that the school I was volunteering at has offered me a full time position. This is there first foreigner they have offered a position to and thus don't have any idea about Visa's so i can't do it through them (Poorer school).

I went to immigration and they explained that they can't extend my EG 3month visa anymore and that I would have to leave the country and reapply for another visa on return.

My question is,
- Is this neccessary to do and the only way to extend my EG Visa?
-What Visa do I need to ask for on return back into cambodia?
-Do I need a work permit for paid employment?
-I have a letter signed by the school, but because this is paid employment does this change my circumstances?
-Can't we play sweep this under the carpet and just get me a 6 month extention without all this hassle, is it viable to work and not to disclose it's paid? (Just exhauting my options, not generally thinking this is the way).
-Whats the quickest and most efficiant country/City to go to from Phnom Penh and how long should I stay in this country before crossing back into cambodia?


Hello John.

A number of mistakes, so here we go.

1. You should have applied for a work permit when you started working, paid or not.
2. You should have applied for an EB (Business) extension of stay, not an EG. EG (General)  is for job seekers and you had a job already).

You should get a reliable agent to do the "hassle" as you called it, aka employment regulations, and get things done the right way.

You need an EB extension of stay (max. 1 year), for that you need the employer's letter in a certain lay-out, with letter head and official stamp. The school has to be officially registered.
You also need a work permit and as you worked already without one you will be fined, don't know how much, it is calculated from the day of entry.

With all this you will be fine for this year, the work permit is valid for a calendar year, the extension of stay is valid from Issuing date and can be 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

If you need to get out of the country Vietnam is the easiest option, Bavet border. If you are English you don't need a visa for Vietnam. You can turn around into Cambodia the same day and apply for an Ordinary (E-type) visa, that you then can extend after you have talked to your agent, but I would say within a week of your arrival.

Good luck.

Cambodia expert team

Hello Joe, If one is coming to Cambodia to seek for an English Teaching job, what kind of visa is required?

How can I have my visa extended for almost a year?


Read my answer to John, just above your posts,  it explains everything re work,  visas and work permit.

On top,  as you have an African passport you need to contact the nearest Cambodian consulate/embassy to get an Ordinary visa before you arrive.
An invitation from a registered school would be a plus.

Good luck.


Thank you.

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