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We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in England if you are planning to move there.

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Hi all. I have just recently moved to the UK from South Africa. I arrived 2 weeks ago and slowly adjusting to the way of life here. Learning new things all of the time of course. I'm currently looking for employment and I have set up a blog documenting my move and my husband and dog will be joining me shortly.

I look forward to learning more about the UK and of course the ability to travel all over really.

2 weeks in and loving it thus far just can't wait until my hubby and dog join me.

I'm actually in Mozambique, my dream is to work there. I haven't more experience in work because I work in a small water treatment company

Hello JLMANCINNES and Edson Fernando and welcome to !

[at]JLMANCINNES that's a long trip across the globe, i'm happy you're adjusting into the english way of life :)
You have a blog? That's cool ! Do you know you can submit it to our Blogs from expats in England?
as for you employment, you can take a look in the Jobs in England section, maybe you'll find the perfect one :D

[at]Edson Fernando, it's a big project, you better be prepared !
You can take a look at the Living in England guide for any information concerning visas, formalities, transports, etc.
as JLMANCINNES, you can also take a look at the jobs in England to find the one that will fit your needs :)

Welcome on board and have a great day !


I am Sandra. My daughter Olivia and I are planning to relocate to the UK in April.  She will attend university and I will accompany her.  She is pursuing the medical field and began writing in 5th grade her website is

We both plan to live there permanently if we can obtain appropriate documents (i.e., Work Visas).  I received my formal education in Psychology and worked in the field of mental health and behavioral health.  I worked with an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals (i.e., medical director, psychiatrist, psychologist, social workers, utilization nurses, dieticians, etc.) to serve clients at a residential treatment facility.  Collaborating with these professionals, I developed and administered Habilitation Plans for the clients, Behavior Management Plans, and trained caregivers.

Later in my professional career, I was fortunate to work for a university and was trained as an IT Software Development Project Manager, working with teams of software development professionals (i.e., DBAs, BAs, System Administrators, Network Engineers, QA Analyst, etc.) on various projects of varying degrees of  complexity and length. 

Software became my passion, and as a result, I began developing software systems and will create an international business in the UK.

While those are only examples of work I created, I have designed software in education:  edustats:  data analytics for learning, ROOT:  a classroom management system, software for drones and remote control vehicles, HELLO (answering machine for cellphones) and gaming systems to name a few. 

I am truly an innovator (and problem solver) at heart, I created SOLAR ENERGY business models and supportive BATTERIES that I provided to former Vice President Al Gore's environmental organization (and Think Tank) for feasibility and consideration for funding.  While I am always tinkering with things, I hope to partner with individuals and companies to develop my innovation.  Copies of my innovation described above is also available at the Smithsonian Institute (new African American Museum)....hopefully to ensure that I am acknowledged as the innovator. 

I am currently in Las Vegas, visiting the city, and watching the Presidental debates and contemplating our future with excitement. 

I am a happily divorced, work-a-holic looking forward to a new life, great friends, the love of my life, and creating a successful tech company.

I will need help understanding how to get moved and settled in there.
I can be reached at ***, and if there is an echo on the phone, wire taps are possible as i have discovered the field that i am in is very competitive.  (ha-ha).   My email is ***
Sandra Grant Motley

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I am Sandra. My daughter Olivia and I are planning to relocate to the UK in April. 


Sandra Grant Motley

Hi Sandra and welcome to the Forum.

Top left-hand corner of this page is our Discover Section, if you mouse over that, you'll get a drop-down menu with access to our England Guide.  Read through that, then if you have any further specific questions, please come back to us.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

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