South Africans looking at Cyprus

Hi there, we are South Africans considering moving to Cyprus. We are in our fifties and have two sons 10 and 14years old. We don’t have a job offer. Is there a visa we could apply for that would enable us to live and work in Cyprus please? Is there work in Marketing and Commerce? What areas would be recommended? Any guidance or information would be welcomed. Thank you so much.

We moved about 4 months ago and it was a piece of cake as we already had purchased a flat in 1987. We applied for MEU1 which allows you to stay as a Permanent Resident.
We are pensioners therefore retired and no work.
You will find jobs if there is not a local to do the job and there usually isn't. You need a separate visa to work which you apply for after receiving MEU1

Jobs and locations are usually dictated by your skillset and or your ability to adapt and turn your hand to various needs..  flexibility is the key...

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