Tenerife Homeschoolers -English/Italian

We are in Fuerteventura and about to come to Tenerife. We have two young kids- 3 and 6 and are wondering if there are any homeschoolers or travelling kids around who’d like to meet up/learn together? We are both qualified teachers and are very happy to fit in with any existing structure. Languages spoken at home are English and Italian, but also happy to mix it up with others. Let us know x

Hey there,

My name is Mike (well, Michele, but I go by Mike) and I have a few citizenships, including Canadian and Italian. I'm looking to move to Tenerife in the future, with my wife and 4 kids. We home school them all, so I'm a little curious about home schooling in Spain. You guys say that you home school yours, but it was my understanding that this practice is not exactly seen as completely above board in Spain? My wife has quite a few questions about this, as it's quite a sensitive topic for us, as we don't want to send our children to government schools. We'd really appreciate some information from somebody with experience, like you guys, if you have some time to connect at some point.


- Mike

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