Mining job in Turkey

I am a mining engineer looking for a job in Turkey. Need help with process of getting a work permit as well.

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To obtain a work permit, you should first secure a job position. Nonetheless, you may find some info about getting a work permit by reading this article, Residence and work visas for Turkey.

But most importantly, I would advise you to create your CV in the Jobs in Turkey section.

Below are some other job portals which you might find useful in your job search:

- Kariyer
- Yenibiris

In which part of Turkey are you looking for a job? This may help you narrow down your search.

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I self Mahfooz Alam from Indai, Looking job in software field as fresher, I have studied various subject during academic year, but still, I want to go in a specific area, I have self-studied basic Python, Machine learning and also javascript despite that I want to see a portable platform where I can ensure my career and improve my skills whatever you trained me, even though I have interested to work with team where make perfect and give the benefits for those company who will accept me.                           
                                                                            Thank, Regards

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