Residency issues - minimizing US state taxes

Happy new year all!

I own an apartment in San Francisco.  I generally spend about 150 days a year in California and maybe 30-40 in any other state in a given year and the rest... wherever.

I'm looking at renting an apartment in St Kitts.  I'd be there once a month or so.

Its my understanding that (of course) I'd have to pay US Federal taxes but that I wouldn't be subject to any state taxes.

Does anyone see an issue with this premise?


Yes, you need to clearly define your sources of income and where you are earning them. For example, if you are an employee of a company based in the USA and you are not a tax resident of the USA, but get paid while you are abroad then you can deduct up to $105,900/year. You should do your research from the IRS on the foreign earned income exclusion and read the Form 2555.
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