Moving from Malta 2020, hopefully!

Hi all,

Paul & Deanna currently living in Malta but looking to move to Cyprus next year (2020). Early retiree from uk.

Will be in Cyprus for Xmas this year and hope to recce rental locations Paphos/Pissouri area.

Will estate agents be open during Xmas week?

Any recommendations for shipping household goods ( not furniture ) from Malta ?

Is the bureaucracy as bad as in Malta re residency,tax,motor vehicle etc?

Thanks in advance.


some agents will be, most places will be open again after xmas day and boxing day

shipping  try speaking to RSS Logisitics (andrea thorne)  and also try Peter Morton Removals (both are on facebook) when you are over here  they are local shipping companies who ship from all over the world -  a friend of mine is also coming over from sliema / st julians area and is using a maltese company so will find out about that for you

as for the formalities it has its difficulties and frustrations  but is not as bad as malta in my opinion...

Thanks for that, will have a look at them. Coincidence we are currently in Sliema.

Sorry, Cyprus is full up, try Greece!

Thanks for the positive feedback ;-)

You will be made very welcome here for sure..... my friend in Malta now hasnt got back to me yet he may be without internet with the removal he will be back in  few days - - i havent forgotten you

Too many from the UK, newsagents out of Express, Daily Mail and Sun. Please don't sunbathe with a hankie on your heads. It's against the Paphos Region Authority rules. Toon has a pink one it covers his bald head as he is the Muktar of Paphos. Enjoy!

Take no notice of Samuel - must be having a bad day in Limassol

We have been hit by a tsunami in Limassol I have zero steps to the beach!

I posted my belongings ( October 2019) in big parcels, no limitation by size but max. 20 kg. Post was the "cheapest" way.

I have to confirm Toon: Malta was there worst re bureaucracy ( bringing household goods and dog) and most expensive!

Thanks for that may look at the|" posting" option.

we did the dame over 5 years ago ( but we had an address to which to send it as we rented a property before getting here) and they all arrived within 5-7 days of sending via maltapost at the Meliieha Post Office. The manager of it was Joseph who was very very helpful... But be aware that packages arent handled with a great deal of care in transit so pack your stuff really really well.....

Thanks for that Toon,

We are coming over again in March to try and find a place to rent before returning and packing up.

quick question: Whats the rental market like, time wise, Would hope to get something sorted durin this visit for a rental to start in May. Do you think this would be achievable?

check rental market yourself online, Real estate , FB etc. With a dog it will be a problem to find an accommodation!
From my experience Cyprus offers more "value for money" compared to Malta.
Yes, it could be achievable. Be open fora  compromise!

I've been checking online but not contacted any agents as yet, waiting until nearer visit to arrange appointments. No pets involved.

yes absolutely possible

But be careful.. do not to disclose your top end of budget to the agent as he will show those plus those that are more expensive to stretch you and make more commission for themselves.. Although to be fair agents commissions get paid by the landlord, not the tenant,

Check out the facebook buy sell & hire pages, also rental pages, smartrentz, buy and sell cyprus, cyprus 101, Owners Direct, Sunseakers, MYkthma, Cyprus Property and Home...  and also Bazaraki website for properties too some great deals there..  I have personally used Smartrentz, Buy and sell and Sunseakers.. all were good .. i have also used a couple of private agents too via Facebook

No point in contacting agents until you are here - they like to have deposits paid and advance rental for the first month (sometimes two) so they get paid as soon as its paid.

Property moves quickly especially in the months of march to may....
dont be rushed, dont make a rash decision because of time pressures ...if worst comes to the worst take an airbnb  or a short let holiday let or a hotel break.

Long lets here are minimum 6months, some property owners are  now asking for 6-12months rent up front so be aware fo that too.

Be sure of your accommodation requirements and demand that you are only shown the properties that match it... compromise is normal, but be sure you know what your  MUST HAVES are your WANTS are your NEEDS and NICE TO HAVES are.

Dont fall for the "this will go quick" tactics - or fake calls from another interested party. Doesnt happen very often but it does happen

Accommodation here is far better quality, more choice/variety and better value overall than Malta....

Wow.... Very comprehensive post Toon. Thanks for all the info, lots I hadn't thought of. It's going to be a busy day.

GOOD LUCK... if you need more information please dont hesitate to ask away...

Thanks will do ;-)

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