Tarragona expat

Hi , my husband and I are looking to retire from uk in Tarragona region. Can anyone advise on estate agents ?  Cost of living ? Thank you

Hi.. Good idea.. Life is cooler in the South.. I love in Paris and lived in London but am from Montpellier.. Yes Spain is cheaper but I also search...in Valencia.. Tarragone's too small.. Maybe you can start a week for holidays with a BB.. I help you when I have more info. Good luck constance

hi! Tarragona is, if not the best, then one of the best places to live in all of Catalonia. A mild, predictable climate means that you can enjoy outdoor sports most of the year.My friend has bought real estate in Tarragone https://tranio.com/spain/catalonia/tarragona/ for his parents and they are happy to live in a calm and sunny atmosphere! Approximately, you need 1000 euro for two people to live there.

Thank you for the reply. Do you mean 1000 euro for two people just for living or including rent?

No, just for living

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