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My name is Lane. My partner Kurt and I are planning to open a B&B in Spain in the future. Initially we were interested in the rural areas in northern Spain (Galicia for example) but don't know much about the tourism in that region. Are there any expats in that zone who are willing to share their insights? Would we be better off heading south to the coastal regions?

Thank you.

I would think that may be tricky-you'll be relying on holidaymakers, probably British I would think......I'd look on the coast, but avoid built -up , over-developed areas like Benidorm with their 1000s of cheap hotel rooms and nothing for the b n b clientele you're looking for  .If not coastal, then inland but something to offer the more sophisticated  traveller, bn b -types,maybe a historic town , at least a place with character, and perhaps buy an old finca or an old commercial property, if you have the money to convert it well(more work if you do this, but more upside than a newer place or existing hotel, PLEASE  keep me in mind if you're going to renovate-I have decades of experience in this work, a keen eye for design , and I speak fluent construction Spanish as I was a contractor in California with many Hispanic , mostly Mexican workers.....

Galicia has a "large" population of Britons. Large in that it has a reasonable number - I think there are something like 3,000 registered. In comparison to Alicante of Malaga this is nothing but it does suggest that Britons are attracted to the North of Spain and they are probably not looking for cheap beer and the beach.

If I were going for a B&B in the North of Spain I would probably choose somewhere near one of the major attractions or I would do the guesswork on how far the average motorist would want to drive once they get off the boat (because certainly most of the British tourists will have come that way) and find something there.

If you want to try to attract Spanish tourists too you might consider a Casa Rural. Spaniards would understand the idea better, you're not as tied to the place and you could do B&B as an option for those who understand the idea.

As to finding Britons in Galicia there are a lot of forums and I would think Google knows how to find them.

another idea would br wine  country....i'm thinking of the Priorat, which is a beautiful area and known for its wine and could offer gourmet breaks wiyh vineyard tours, and there's ba rcelona plus the C osta B rava,which attracts tourists from britain and Scandinavia, G ermany, Holland....all E urope.......Catalonia has so much to offer!


I think go South, I'm moving to the South by end of Summer.

Thanks for the insight. We initially were looking at Fincas but then got Nevis that no one would come out there. But we have a few tricks up or sleaves. We'll keep you in mind when we get to renovating.  :)

Thank you. This is very helpful and well thought out. I appreciate it.

Lane,there seems to be a bit of confusion re 'fincas'-a finca is a rural property, usually a plot with a cottage or a farmhouse on it, often in an attractive setting, woodland or plantation -they're all over the mainland and islands. some as old as 300 years....yesterday i saw an ad for a b n b in Valencia, which is 1 of the historic cities i was referring to before-Seville' another, ive heard good things about both....

Yep I agree, Sevilla is lovely

Hi Lane
I started my b&b 5years ago having moved here in 2007 and spent a couple of years renovating and preparing for visitors. I am inland, 90minutes drive north of Malaga but well located for Granada, 50mins, Cordoba 75mins and Sevilla 2hrs. I felt the coastal area was saturated with b&bs and as long as the location was good for tourists inland would be a better bet. Originally I started as a gay business as there were no other inland gay b&bs available and as there were three or four b&bs in the area felt the niche market would not be imposing on other businesses. It was ok but not quite enough to justify the effort I had put in. Some of the other guest houses had closed down and one saw I was getting business so started advertising on gay sites!! Now I keep it gay when guys are booked, but open to all otherwise.
I went down the Casa Rural route which requires quite a high spec with regard to room sizes, fire and safety regs,  etc, but succeeded in getting licensed. Most business comes from apart from the gay websites I use and I only pay a site called Gay Provence for advertising.
I offer enough for visitors who want to stay around the place, pool, gym, jacuzzi, pool table, wi-fi etc and many that book for one or two nights stay on for 3, 4 or more once they know the place.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. There is an easy potential here for 25000euros/year+ but I run it just to top up my pension. This may be my last year as I am now 71years old and it is getting harder to keep up with the maintenance!!

In land can also be interesting as the coast is really overbuilt

Hi can I ask how much accommodation (rooms) you offer to be able to be able to achieve your sort of turnover?.  Thanks Jules

Julescp wrote:

Hi can I ask how much accommodation (rooms) you offer to be able to be able to achieve your sort of turnover?.  Thanks Jules

Who was that addressed to? This is a thread of a year old. No one has been back since?

Hi Keith

Could you give me some general info/requirements that I would need to open a small B&B in Spain. For example regulations etc.

Many thanks

Sara 👍🏽

Sara1664 wrote:

Hi Keith

Could you give me some general info/requirements that I would need to open a small B&B in Spain. For example regulations etc.

Many thanks

Sara 👍🏽

Welcome to this happy place on the internet. :par:
Question is where in Spain?

Looking at areas around Monavar in Alicante - away from the hussle and bussle - more a retreat so quite rarul.

Thanks Sara

the link you need. … -community
That is not all if you handle food you need Carnet de Manipulador de Alimentos,
you will have to comply with various food regulations. I would ask at a Registro del Servicio Territorial de Turismo what else may be needed. Also a Gestoría who knows about running a B&B type of business in Spain. You will need insurances pay some sort of wage (maybe).
Lots to conceder.

Thank you the link is very helpful - many thanks 👍🏽

Hi Keith.

You still running your Casa quinca?
We are interested to move in Spain and do pretty the same business.


Hi Michel

Yes....I am still here after 12 years, but maybe my last. It is a lot of work maintaining the property and the winters here are cold. Anyway, I have loved doing the 'job' and if anybody wanted to run it as a full time business they could make about 50000euros/year from the 3 double rooms on a bed and breakfast basis. I turn quite a few away either because I am full or because I need a break between guests...I do everything myself and will be 74 years old in September. It is more of a guest house than a short stop-over place, with a good pool, jacuzzi, gym, pool table, and bbq. The location is great for people wishing to visit Granada and Cordoba..also Sevilla on a two hour trip, with numerous interesting visitor spots in between. I use Airbnb for most guests but also gay sites as I started as a gay business so as not to impose on others in the area. Most of them have now gone!! My website is but if you also check out, Spain Andalucia or Alcala la Real you can see comments from guests. You will also see that I have visitors all the year round and from all over the world. If you want to see this area come and stay and I will answer any questions you may have..if I can!!!!!

Tks K.

I like to contact you in private if it's ok for you.

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hi does any one know of any good websites for searching rural properties . I love andalucia Especialy near cadiz and  want to buy something to renovate . Iam an english builder who has just renovated a 350 year old property formerly owne by chatsworth estates here in derbyshire


I haven't seen a reply to your post but I have been researching and found properties on sites like thinkspain, almeriahomes, inlandandalucia, to name a few. I will be travelling out to view properties in 2 weeks.

there is also idealista ....... they list properties in spain, portugal and italy

look at idealista ..... they list properties in spain, italy and portugal

@YaniG79 hello, if I have understand ok, you are comming to Spain and looking for home, and are you looking for mortgage?