Looking for advice on buying a house in Spain


I am an Italian currently living in London.

I am looking to purchase a modest family home in Spain with the following features:

- within 20 minutes drive to the sea;

- 3 bedrooms;

- within 1 hour drive to an airport;

- village or town location;

- intended purposes are holiday home with possible relocation;

Are there specific locations that you can recommend? As a non-Spanish national (European citizen) are there any specific rules on the right to buy that I should be aware of? Are there useful websites I should consider to help with my research (aside from the housing section)?

Thanks in advance.

Ciao Fabio
I'm italian too and living in Surrey.
I have a place in Santa Cristina d'aro, Girona.
Is a lovely area, 10 minutes from the sea (Platja d'aro) and also close to the mountain for winter sports.
I love it that is very spanish with only some touristic areas, busy in the summer, the location is used as holiday destination from people living and working in Barcelona.
I recommend you spend a week or so around there to visit and have a feel.
Just over the French border, 1.30 hours from Barcelona airport, also there is an airport in girona but as far I'm aware from London there is only Ryanair.
Also north of Spain is more organised then south and also safer, I have two teenagers and they go around by themselves... would never allow that in Marbella for example.. I have friends there and what I witnessed is not nice...
This is obviously my experience..
Oh! Forgot to say we're relocating there in April 😊

I bought 3 years ago via English-speaking estate agents who hooked me up with a reputable (expensive) lawyer to handle the whole thing plus get my NIE: also they introduced me to one of the local bank managers to open an account and make funds transfer. Good estate agents can generally iron out wrinkles to make the whole thing fairly straightforward because there are definitely occasional hiccups and there can be beartraps.

I'm in the Costa Tropical area, in Granada province, with a small airport in Granada, Almeria airport not too far, and Malaga airport, one of the biggest with the most flight options, is around 80 kms, an hour's drive. The coast is fab (between Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca) with mild weather, small coastal towns and Motril for city-type needs. Granada city and the Sierra Nevada with great skiing in winter. 

I knew the area because of friends here, I've now travelled around a bit more and wouldn't move if I could, but some areas are MUCH nicer than others without necessarily being fantastically more expensive. The advice to take your time looking around is solid.

As an EU member, there are no restrictions when buying property in spain. I've been in real estate for over 20 years and still think that spain is one of the best values around. If you are looking a bit inland, the prices are very inexpensive. I would recommend buying in spain to anyone looking for value, nice lifestyle and low cost of living.  I can assist you with pleasure if needed. I'll be moving there full time in July, 2021.
Keep in touch. Cheers

I do not think there are any restrictions for anyone buying property in Spain, however, i would certainly not advise a non EU national doing so, and even then caution is required. 

Having lived in Spain 34 years I have seen many ‘fingers burned.'

Johncar, Could i ask what are some of the main issues you would you warn a non-EU potential buyer about?

I have been reading How To Buy SpanishProperty and Move To Spain … Safely, by Nick Snelling, but i am interested in the personal experiences people have had.  Is your warning due to taxes? Or the idiosyncrasies around Spanish property? Or ???. 

We plan on renting for a couple years before jumping to ownership (if ever), but it is on the table.

I bought a great apartment in 2014 and I would be able to assist you in all of the details concerning your real estate project.  From opening a bank account to workers for remodeling, if needed, etc...
My WhatsApp number is :  ***.  Message me at your convenience for a chat!!

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By the way, taxes are very low in Spain, maintenance fees are also very low.

@Rextravis Hi, I'm living in Barcelona (renting) looking to buy. My budget is around 80k which as you know is way to low for Barcelona but i was thinking of buying somewhere else in Spain and letting it out. Would this be straightforward to do without living there? Any advice would be much appreciated :)

Sure, you could buy it and rent it out.  If you go to the villages within 40-60 kms from Barcelona, you could buy a small place for 80000$. 
I bought my home in Arenys de Mar and it was the best investment I ever made.  Also, I'm only 40 kms from Barcelona which is a 55 minute train ride to the city center, really convenient!
Keep in touch, depending on where you buy, I could assist you with the purchase, if necessary...

Je souhaiterais acheter une maison en Andalousie. Quelqu'un peut-il me conseiller sur une personne de confiance pour m'aider dans mes démarches ?

J'ai acheté en Catalunya, pres de Barcelone . Mon agent immobilier parles le français car sa femme est francaise. Il pourrait peut être vous conseiller sur les détails...

I could help you with the rental details on a purchase in Catalunya, where I live.


Arenys de mar fits into your criteria,

Arenys de mar is on the sea 

Many 3 bedroom apartments for sale 

@Rextravis Hi, I'm living in Barcelona (renting) looking to buy. My budget is around 80k which as you know is way to low for Barcelona but i was thinking of buying somewhere else in Spain and letting it out. Would this be straightforward to do without living there? Any advice would be much appreciated smile.png

- @tacochina

I like to buy house In Spain but I heard its not easy to send money from your own bank account to your new spanish bank account ? bank of spain make life hard ???  despite money come from my onw bank account in my country under my name !!

is that true ???

Ciao Fabio,

as a location I would suggest you the Costa del Sol, anywhere between Malaga and Estepona. Here you will have everything what you have described

If you like, feel free to write me a private message, I live in Estepona since 2018 so I think I could give you more information

Ps: I´m italian as well

Have a nice day
Ciao Fabio

You don't need a Spanish bank account to buy a house. I use an internet bank account, Wise which it's a Belgium based bank, very low charges and I used to to buy a Spanish car. I will buy a house in the next few months and hopefully I will use Wise to pay for the house without any problems.
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