education in Austria

My name is David and would like to advance my education in Austria, does Austria recognise the education system from Kenya and if so which site can I use to get a good International college or University.

Hi Chavie!
Good luck wit hyour studies. Vienna University is one of the Premier ones of Europe, and the one in Graz too. Look on the net for links to their sites. There may even be an English link too for you. If no obvious info, then E Mail the faculty you wish to join direct. Vienna is a friendly large city with beautiful Imperial architecture and loads to do in the local vineyards etc. Graz also has vineyards, and a more medieval city centre, much smaller too. Both cities have transport systems in place even better than London! Trams, local railway and underground in Vienna, and trams, buses too in Graz.

please can help me as a Ghanaian who have great plans to study in Austria.can i obtain a tourist and later when in Austria apply for residence permit.please some should educate on best to obtain a visa after admission and chances of getting a visa

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