Bus transfers between Airports

I'm trying to help guests at our house get from Cabrera to Punta Cana airport.  I know that they will take Caribe Tours bus from Cabrera to southern end of Toll Road #7. But, where do they pick up the Expreso Bavaro bus?? Does it leave from Airport las Americas? Do they take a taxi from Caribe tour depot to airport? How much is that?

Then on Jan 13th, they need to get from Punta Cana to POP on the north coast.  Will they reverse this to go back?  Is there a Caribe tour bus that goes SDQ to POP?  I never can find the link to the actual routes and stops on their website...Their flight out of POP is at 2:30 pm.

I know it's possible. There are just two of them. Also, should I suggest that they have the exact cash amount for each leg of the trip?

Tell them to take caribe tours to the caribe terminal.  Taxi to Bavaro Express is about 200 Rd.  They can get that bus at the main terminal just off Maximo Gomes in SD.

In punta Cana they have to taxi to the airport.  Probably around us 30 or us 40.

On return - taxi to Bavaro Express.  In SD they taxi to Caribe tours where they catch a bus to Puerto Plata.  Those buses leave every hour!   (The other option is taxi to Metro bus but it's across the city now in SD but the bus is faster and cleaner).

The 'Expreso Bávaro' does not stop at Las Americas  Airport. It leaves from Downtown Santo Domingo : Calle Juan Sánchez Ramírez 31, there is a small terminal where you can sit while waiting and buy tickets.

Next stop is Parque Enriquillo (North of the Zona Colonial) which I do not recommend, the place is not very safe especially wearing big tourist suitcases and also because the guagua could already be full.


Yes, there is a Caribe Tours that goes from Sto Dom to POP but this is likely the longest way. ( Cabrera => POP 1h57 + POP => Santo Dom : 4hours  )

A shortest route would be to go to Nagua and there take the Caribe Tours guagua that comes from Samaná/Sanchez when it stops on its way to Santo Domingo. ( Nagua , San Francisco de Macoris,  then highway #1 to Sto Dom : +/- 3h30).

This website has a bug but I managed to get the time table page :

http://www.caribetours.com.do/index.php … get_travel

As far the way back from PC to POP is concerned, they will need to spend the last night on the North Coast :  PC to STO = 4 hours + STO to POP = 4 hours. Not feasible on departure day.

These are recalls from before year 2009 when toll road #7 to Samaná did not exist.

Thanks everyone

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