Ballet or Salsa classes.

I   moved   to   Nairobi   a   few   months   ago   from   Malawi.......i   had   salsa   and   ballet   training  before   i  was   forced   to   quit  due   to   work..........can  anyone/someone   tell  me   where   i  can  get   Salsa  but mostly  Ballet classes,or   anyone   who   trains this  people?
Anyone  who  knows  how   to   dance   salsa  can   be   of  great  assistance.
Thank   you.

thanks for all your inboxes,it really helped!

Hi Sidney

Did you find good salsa classes? I just moved to Nairobi and am keen to start dancing again. If you have any advice on dance classes or just want to meet up let me know!



I am a beginner and I also want to learn salsa.
Can you recommend dance schools here in Nairobi?

Hi! Do you know the places you can dance salsa? I really miss it...

Hi all

I would like to join also to salsa class when I am in Nairobi in April

its looots of salsa in here. you can inbox me, i'll tell you where to go.

why cant someone just highlight the places for salsa classes on the comment page?
it would be easier for anyone interested in salsa


Try 680 hotel as well. They have Salsa nights every Saturday, see info below:

Urban Glitz Salsa

Price: sh100
WHEN: Saturday, June 16 (19:00 - 23:00)
Repeat: Weekly Until Dec 22 2012
Six Eighty Hotel
Kenyatta Ave, Nairobi, Kenya +254 Nairobi 
            020 315680     
Event description

If you do decide to would not mind tagging along. I have asked friends and they have never had time and I do not feel comfortable going alone as have never salsa-d in my life