Looking for a job: Tattoo Studio In Berlin

Hi there,

I am a graphic designer based Tattoo Artist living and working in Istanbul.

I would like to move and work in Berlin as a Tattoo Artist.

Languages: English (Fluent), Turkish (Native), German (A2), Spanish (A2)

You can check my works on instagram.com/baris.tattoo

If you are interested in hiring me, please drop me a message.


PS: No drugs, no drama!

Baris: As you might know if you have read some of the forum disciussions before posting this, you will not find a job on this forum. But you do find lots of good advice on how to search for potential employers, apply for jobs, negotiate the package and, last not least, get the required visa and (in your case probably, since it is health hygiene related) permits to be allowed to work in Germany. So go and use the search function to read as much as possible, If you then still have specific questions that were not yet addressed, please feel free to come back and post them here!

Are u already in Berlin. Need a new tattoo :)