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Hi!  I'm toying with the idea of Luxor for six months (in the winter; as I just told someone, I'm not about to go move in July to start the six months  :D ). I just got back from a trip there -- took me 55ish years to make the dream come true of finally seeing it, and I wasn't disappointed. Anyway -- I'm a dual Italian/US citizen, which has nothing to do with anything except visas, support myself with online work, and have lived in seven countries so far (and various cities in them). I was planning on leaving Rhodes, where I live now, this winter, for somewhere new, and maybe I'm still on the high, but the country excited me. Trust me, though--I'm well aware of the difference between visiting somewhere and living there!

Soooo...I guess my question is--is this feasible for a single older woman? I have no desire to live in Cairo -- I can barely stand the crowds in Rome and Athens, much less Cairo! -- and I thought Luxor seemed quite nice. Has its old, run-down parts, but much of it seemed modern, etc. Out of curiosity, I clicked the accommodation page, and it took me to one rentals page -- cheaper than any of the other countries (except Hungary) that I've lived in. I don't know how to go about finding places, if I make this decision to go.

Anyway -- just wanted to get a bit of feedback from all of you living there! Thanks much!

Luxor or red sea it will be a good chose for but u know Cairo is the capital of Egypt so every services here i n Cairo,but if u prefer quite and not noise crowds Luxor and red sea is very good
Welcome and have a nice living here 😊

Thank you for the reply! shukran :-) Cairo seems to be a bit more expensive, though, so I'm still doing some research.

I can only advise you for living in Luxor. Nice area is Westbank were I am also living. You are almost welcome. If you need some help please contact me. Sunny greetings and hope to meet you soon

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