Holiday/second house in Italy

Hi guys.

So..I’ll get right in to it. My dream is to buy and renovate a house in a small Italian village and use it as a holiday/second home.  Preferably a small townhouse in a village. I’ve seen many “bargain” housing offers online, starting from 5.000€-6.000€. I’d like to spend around 10.000€ - 20.000€ on buying the place and then renovate it (partially myself) in a long term.

Which are the best places/ villages where my dream can come true. Preferably mountainous little villages.

Do you have any idea of the cost of the basic renovation work such as a new roof, new windows/doors and new bathroom.

Do you think it’s doable? Do you think I can find a townhouse in village for that kind of money? Any of you looking to or already bought a second/ holiday house in Italy?

All advice is welcome!

Thanks in advance. :)

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