Daylight Robbery in Kuala Lumpur

Hi Guys,

It's really sad to share but my apartment got robbed last Thursday and most of our valuables was taken away. I am an expat from India and it happened when me and my husband were in office. We stay in main city just 5-10 mins walk from KLCC.

We have already registered a police complaint and they assure us that they are investigating the case and get back to us once they have something to share. But for us we are restless as we don't know what should be done and whom to approach. We have been also talking to our condominium management office as their security was not up-to mark and was the major cause for this to happen.

Can anyone advice if there is any other way to handle this situation? The valuables we lost are quite high in cost and we are really worried. Please help.

These sort of cases there is a very low rate of the police being able to recover your goods. Happens to often...sorry...hope you had insurance

Hmmm sorry to hear that ? What about CCTV cameras? Security Access ? Most good condos have all these facilities ! just wondering how did they manage to do as the apartments are much more secure than landed properties !

Our condo have CCTV cameras only in lobby and parking and not on the floors. And my floor staircase door was not locked by security and we guess someone came from stairs and not lifts.
Main Issue is Police had not comeback for any investigation until now after the complaint. And management is also not doing anything instead of our constant pushing.

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