If someone transfer children to mother's visa what documents needed

As salaam o alikum I want to ask if my wife have investor visa and I apply for flaxi visa I know flaxi visa person can't sponsor his children as well but if I change children's visa on mother's visa what type of documents I need .I mean my wife can sponsor her children to her visa if she have investor visa or father have to transfer flaxi work permit

If your wife has an investor visa then she can sponsor the children.  She can even sponsor you as a matter of fact.

The most important document is an NOC from the father.  You need to go to the Notary in GOSI mall with your original passport and CPR as well as copies of mother & kids passports / CPRs.  They will make the document and notarize it.  Go very early and plan on being there at 8 am.  They only give a limited number of tokens in a day and the process can take 3-4 hours depending on how many people are ahead of you.

Then you need to take that to MOFA legalization office which is right next to MOFA in Bab al Bahrain.  They will put a sticker on it.  This will take barely 10 minutes and the office is open till 2 pm I think.

Without this document, LMRA will keep rejecting your application.

With this and the standard documents i.e. passports, marriage certificate, birth certificates etc, your wife can apply for the kids.

There is any problem if I have no visa right now visa is cancel without visa I can do for noc or not only mother's have valid investor visa me and children have no visa

You can do it if you have CPR.

If you don't have CPR, have your wife sponsor you first on a dependent visa and then sponsor the kids - you would still need to give NOC at that stage.

Thank you brother to solve this issue

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