Salary for an IT/Computer science Teacher

Hi everyone,
I am offered an IT teacher job(IGCSE and A Level) at a Private school in Muscat Oman.
I have demanded a salary of 1700 Omani Riyal/ month that makes around $4500 .
The school is however offering 1400 including accommodation.Accommodation will not be provided and they will pay the allowance.
I am single.keeping the cost of living and arranging a car do you think i must agree on the offered salary.

Thats a wonderful pckage. The saving aspect in Oman is huge. So do your research before you re negotiate the package. To me the package sounds wonderful at a school level

Best Wishes

Good for u
I keep my fingers crossed for u.

Do you finally make it in Oman?

Other consultancy, is given with accommodation for 1600.
Which consultancy is your

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