looking for Canadians living in Algarve

Canadian Retired Nurse  and expat Portuguese husband living in Portimao would enjoy meeting new Canadian friends who love Portugal, I hear many live in Faro?

Have you had any luck in fiding and connecting with Canadians

No Canadians reply. We must encourage them to retire/vacation abroad to try the delicious food, historical sites and landscapes instead off the Caribbean . Air transat fly from Toronto to Faro.

We are Canadians living in Fuseta
We know of other Canadians living in Tavira...

Hi good to hear from you,we live in Portimao and enjoy Tavira ,we stay here for Christmas and New Years this year.What brings you to Portugal?

Sorry sun nurse for this late answer!

We had planned on being in Algarve for the holidays to but had some health issues... that just got cleared up this morning.
So we will drive down late January and stay a few months and enjoy the sunny days!

Will you be around?
Would be nice to meet!

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