Best cities for retirement in Kuwait

Hello everyone,

An increasing amount of people want to spend their retirement abroad. Would you consider giving a few tips to those looking into Kuwait for their retirement?

What are the most attractive cities for retirees in Kuwait?

Why are these the best cities in Kuwait for retirement (quality of life, cost of living, climate, health, security, etc.)?

Are there any specific areas in Kuwait where there are special retirement schemes or retirement-friendly residential areas?

Are there any activities suitable for retirees in Kuwait?

Do you have any tips on where to start looking or how to choose a suitable city for one’s retirement in Kuwait?

If you have, yourself, chosen to spend your retirement abroad, please tell us what city you have chosen and why?

Please share your experience.


my opinion about Kuwait    Kuwait is of course nice country    living  expense is not heavy  when you  compare to  other  GCC  country's as Dubai  ..
But  this country not suitable for  Retirement life  for expatriates   in many reasons   [1]  living will be very expensive when you earning nothing  except any income .
[2] Nothing attractive Here for  Retirement age
[3] Whether is always will be against aged people.

That all my opinions about in this mater   .


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