Arrogance and pride of kuwaitis

I am bahraini citizen who had to leave the job in kuwait after 1 week of joining.  I am not a slave and was not one outside kuwait.  
I believe 90% of the so called kuwaitis were once had their grandpas from iraq or iran or southern yemeni borders of saudi. They got naturalized by years of begging. 

Kuwaitis shows arrogance themselves and harder to brown skinned people. 

They don't have professional system anywhere and don't believe this mess. 
There is a reason why Kuwait has consistently been voted as the worst country for expats (of all nationalities) in the annual expat survey by HSBC.
@AdnanalJassim Dear Adnan, so sorry to hear about your experience, if you wouldn't mind, could you go into more details, whilst preserving anonymity etc. I was always under the impression that GCC citizens were treated "on par with citizens" in Kuwait, not sure what that means exactly, whether or not GCC get NLST etc. 

Having been to Bahrain and seen the kindness of Bahraini people, I am not shocked at what you are saying. What I will tell you is that corporate culture is not the same across the board, and you could just have been unfortunate in landing in a position with people that are rotten to the core; i mean, you need only check the way that headlines in the newspapers are written and comments made by wuss accounts, accounts with no followers, no posts, no activities, just a platform to spew hatred on the interwebs.

Hope you land on your feet. 

First of all , I really love Bahraini people, they are amazing.

I believe most Kuwaitis love Bahraini people too.

In every nation you will find very few people who are arrogant and pride.

By the way Kuwaitis are very generous and welcoming people. For example the previous Prince of Kuwait Shiekh Sabah was the leader of Humanity.

Even Kuwait state also support other nations with donation and help.

I think you did not really experience the real Kuwait. Maybe you meet few people who had bad mood.

By the way even in India there few people who are arrogant and pride.

Regarding of the people who came here long time and became Kuwaitis , they came here and work hard and Kuwait was welcoming everyone because it's very peaceful and nice.

It's normal in the world people move from country to country to look for better opportunities. It's not begging.

Not saying anything about the people.  There are good and bad people everywhere.   Good and bad companies too.

The comment is really on the way, the system in Kuwait is set up.  I referenced the expat survey as an example.   If you think about it, for a country to be ranked that way, every single year, year after year, there must be something that is systemically wrong there.  

There are many threads here where this has been discussed before so I won't go into it.  Having lived in the GCC for a decade and having worked / lived across most of the countries here; let's just say that I am not surprised when people complain about their experiences in Kuwait (high %age of people vs. total expat population).   I would be very surprised if they say the same about Bahrain, as an example and again as a %age. 
My Experience in Kuwait was the same but I saw it differently as an expat I was feeling quite mistrust in them, but I started being used to the situation and was able to coup up with the this matter and felt fine after some time. I lived in the area from where my nationals used to live and kept in contact with them and used to visit the city with them when needed, and contact with Kuwaitis or Arabs was merely for the purpose of communication or for legal work in their office.
 When communicating for the purpose of some matter I used to keep the communication personal as they prefer to get full attention of a person when they want to communicate and prefer that we do not get distracted and misunderstood. 
One must have something good about themselves to present when you prefer to join their company and not be dependent upon them. 
Kuwait has a low population than other Arab countries and when people from large map area countries visit Kuwait, the nationals here dominate them as its their country and area which was neglected once upon a time.
They country has developed by allowing small foreign investments according to them but they were actually huge and highly valuable.
All your replies  speak as if your countries are better at treating us Kuwaitis or giving us jobs or even communicating with us .. unfortunately not.  I have visited most places and I and you know that nothing works without money when there is a saudi citizen or Kuwaiti involved and perhaps an emirati or Qatari , ( let's leave Bahrain aside because it already abuses its own people as you and I know ) … we in Kuwait have many issues and ignorance but we sort it out as normal , and we avoid getting robbed or played upon by other nationals who come here to rob and backbite us while eating with us in our homes and sharing our life's . We saw it all we lived with all nationals and we changed. Yet everyone wants to feed on us from all over the world . Then come and spit hatered about us in the media … 
I agree with what you say but I see that you didn't manage yourself here . Plus life has changed all over the globe . There is no need to complain . 
You won't be treated better in Saudi Arabia or Egypt or Dubai or the UK or even the United States . I'm telling you from experience if you wish to take my comment those all are ignorant too . 
The chat is long but we are not like you say  . There are good people everywhere . 
Kuwait is conservative and consists of 300,000 families in origin which add up to 1 million today . 
Nobody who came here respected the life offered to them until they lost it . I'm speaking to all foreign nationals from Arab Islamic countries to Far Eastern countries in Asia and North Africa . They all spit in the plate one way or the other . Yes I do hate it here but I need to work and do as told to get payed to pay my bills to be able to visit your countries and spend my savings on holiday for a week or 2 . It's the same everywhere wether you are rich or poor wether you are black or white .  I can go on the list  for ever .
Kuwait you get the highes pay salary with all facilities around you with less population and more freedom  . Just learn how to cope . Don't break the law 
Hello everyone,

I am concerned about AdnanalJassim unfortunate experience in Kuwait, however, after his 1st post, he didn't revert and I believe that in each country there is a good and a bad side. We shouldn't generalise.

That said, can we please close this thread ? The initial poster hasn't come back and I am afraid that we are heading into generalisation here...that could lead to unnecessary conflict on the forum.

Thanks in advance,
Team Expat.Com
@Bhavna Hi Bhavna,
I don't think it's causing unnecessary conflict, so far everyone has been more than civil, and people venting their frustration in a forum where others can redirect their anger or speak from their own experience seems to be the whole reason the forum was initially founded, no?
@legacy Thanks for your feedback. Let us keep it open in that case and make sure that we continue to share in the best possible way we can (like we already  have been doing), without hurting anyone's feeling.

Have a good day,Bhavna