anybody knows classes for arabic language?

I m a Doctor from India
I have a Social mindset but here it seems too difficult to connect with real people
hope to meet new friends
and yeah
Need to learn arabic desperately..does anybody knows classes for arabic language?

Thank you

can i come also?wanna learn arabic

Actually am new here so I don't know but I can help you with the basics and the content to go through, I used to do that with expats in Jordan where am originally from. and I don't mind helping you here.

Same to you as well.


For those who want to learn Arabic I know that there is a language center in shuwaikh campus (Kuwait university) I used to take classes there but it was with an international program... maybe you can go and ask 😊 otherwise the association “Ties” is giving Arabic lessons (I think classic Arabic and kuwaiti but I am not sure), they have a website and instagram 😊
Hope it helps!

Thank you Justine☺

You’re welcome 😊😊

The best way to learn Arabic faster is to practice with people outside.for example
Start with simple greeting words such as
Salaam alikom = hello or peace
Keif halak = how are you
Alhamdulilah = thanks allah
Ana tamam = I'm okay
Maa'a salama = goodbye

Start slowly step by step

Thank You Moo..😊

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