Is 1350 KWD per month enough to live well in Kuwait?

I'm 25 and have been offered a teaching job (Social Sciences Dept. Coordinator) in Kuwait. I currently live in Canada and have worked full-time for two years (and part-time as a TA for another year). I look forward to going as I have fond memories of growing up in Kuwait. I will be teaching History and Economics which are the two disciplines I majored in and then got my B.Ed.

Here are some aspects of the offer:
* 1350 KWD per month
* Accommodation provided. I wish to negotiate to get an allowance instead. What would be a reasonable amount? 350-500 KWD per month? I would like to live in Salmiya, perhaps closer to the coast.
* Free transport from accommodation to school every weekday morning and afternoon.
* Free Education for up to 2 children (Irrevalent as I'm childless and unwed)
* One free economy class airline ticket to home nation. (Annual)
* 250 KWD Settling Allowance (One-time payment)
* Airline ticket from Canada to Kuwait (Relocation, one-time)
* Visa cost and processes handled by the school.

Out of curiosity, do teachers still provide private tuitions these days? Aren't these illegal and arrestable offences?

For a teacher and single , this offer is good. but make sure school system and management are professional. Ask other teachers and check reviews.

There are many international school locally with unprofessional management.

Be carrefull with accomodation in salmya its not cheep especialy for furnished flat ( 1 bedrom, small living room, small kitchen, ..) round 300 Kd with deposit of 1 or 2 month.
the salary is not bad but you can have better.
for transport prefer a monthly allowance to rent your own car because take taxi is will be expensive for exemple : from salmiya to avenues is 2,5 kd.
for private tuitions its ok, but just stay  discreet.
Good luck

How much should I ask as an accommodation allowance? How much would be a decently sized one-bedroom apartment near to the Gulf Road/Marina Mall area?

i live in this area 50 meter from beach i pay 300 Kd / Month with 300 kd deposit.
this around this amount you must demand

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