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Hi myself and my wife are considering moving to Bulgaria in the Burgas region for a quieter and slower pace of life. We are still very young and would need to work. In the UK we both work as Podiatrists/ Chiropodists and were wondering if there was enough demand in the expat community for these services around the Burgas region?

Does anyone know of anyone offering podiatry services in or around Burgas and what the going rate is?

We were thinking a of offering a mobile service initially, is this something that would be of interest to anyone?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as we are trying to make an informed decision, we love being in Bulgaria!

I'm not sure where Burgas region is but l have started a spa near Samokov near Sofia could give you a room to work from l do chiropody as well but not moving to Bulgaria yet,lot of red tape in bulgaria, things take time to happen if you except that then fine

Hi, interested where you have your  spa near Samokov. We live in Madjhare and would love to use the spa and chiropody services

About the paper work, if you have the right accountant/solicitor it can be done without too much stress. We have a great contact we've used for 15 years based in Samokov

Regards Bob

Hi Kyle&Beth,

Since you have decided for Burgas, then you're probably aware, that this is the 4th largest city in Bulgaria, with a population of about 200 000 - 250 000 during the low season. However, during the summer season the population increases drastically and that is the most active period of the year, probably between end of May and end of September. You will have most of your clients then, since during the summer might double or even triple its population. This is bot with foreign and Bulgarian tourists,

Also, many people do visit the nearby resorts like Sunny beach, Nessebar, Pomorie, etc.

So you can initially contact some of the bigger private hospitals, and offer your services there, and also select higher class resorts/hotels with constant flow of tourists, where you can also initiate discussuins about offering your services.

Being mobile might help at the beginning.



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