How can I resign from employer's within one year

Hello dear guy's I am from India. I am doing a job as a Security almost ten month's. Actually I am cheated someone a broker. Right now I have three months left complete one year. When I already discussed about resign they said you are pay to employer 250 for GTS and 130 for visa so I want to leave this job please any  human being give me a suggest how to resign this job quick to quick reply thanks alot

You can always resign.  That is not the problem.  If you worked less than one year with the employer, you are not eligible to transfer without their consent.

You can send your resignation via registered mail and keep the pink slip.  Then file a case with the Ministry of Labor if they ask you to pay anything.

Thank you boss for your replied just can I know if I resigned via registered mail to employer. Employers provides all like my flight ticket, have pending salary etc...

As per labor law, yes.  But if they refuse, go to the Ministry and file a case.

Almost 10 months running of my job if now I will go govt. Post office give for resignation letter they will aceept my resign sent to my employer.

What do you mean?  who will accept?

Resign in writing and in case of any issues, go to Ministry of Labor.

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