I need dependent visa for me and my daughter

Dear Sir,

I'm Mohammed Aleem Ali from India and my wife she is Bahraini nationality already I came Bahrain employed visa in 2016 to 2017 but right now I'm at India and I wish to apply my visa or my daughter visa can possible to apply depending visa and sponsor my wife.

Reply me soon as thanks alot.

No idea what you said.

I assume you want your wife to be able to sponsor you and your daughter?

Yes my wife shall take sponsor to me and my daughter

Daughter should be ok to sponsor if she is below 18.  Sponsoring you might be a problem but sometimes it works - apply anyway and see.

Yes my daughter age is 18 month and if possible to apply my daughter visa and sponsor my wife because she is bahraini nationality but we are all in at India

Again to make it clear and I suggest to carefully read what I am writing - if your English is weak, ask someone to explain it to you.

1) YOU cannot get a visa in Bahrain WITHOUT a sponsor like an employer or your wife
2) YOUR wife needs to apply for a visa for your daughter.  You may have to provide a duly notarized NOC for her to be able to do that
3) YOUR wife can apply for a visa for you but it may not be granted if she is not employed or doesn't show enough financial means to support a family

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