What is CRNM??

Dear, can anyone please tell me what is CRNM and what is RNM?

The RNM is the "Registro Nacional Migratório", the National Migratory Registry, Brazil's register of all immigrants, maintained by the Federal Police on behalf of the Ministry of Justice.
The CRNM is the "Carteira de Registro Nacional Migratório", the ID card that all immigrants in Brazil must have to show that they're registered in the RNM.  It's issued by the Federal Police.
Under the old immigration law, the RNM was called the RNE, "Registro Nacional de Estrangeiros", or National Registry of Foreigners.  The CRNM was called the CIE, "Cédula de Identidade de Estrangeiro", Foreigner Identity Card.  Most people referred to the CIE as "RNE" also, though.  You may have heard these old terms, since many people still use them.

I got one number named "CRNM" in my Protocal paper. Should I get the RNM while renewing my protocal?

If you have your Protocolo, you're already in the RNM.  Your CRNM should arrive at the Federal Police office where you applied for it before your Protocolo expires.  They'll contact you, probably by email, when they have it, and you can go pick it up.

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