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I am an Indian,66 years young, living in Malaysia under spouse visa..( my wife is Malaysian), from Sept.2016..first i was given 6 months LTSVP, then for one year and again for one i have to renew the LTSVP by April 2020...what i want to know is, when i can apply for PR ..i was told, minimum i should have lived here for 10 years to apply for it true?....

No 10 years is to apply for  Malaysian citizenship

Here is information about PR … 651704707/

It's on the FB group Foreign Spouses Support Group Malaysia

Thanks brother

Plz tell us...after receiving PR, do we require spouse's sponsorship... What's the validity of PR? Any renewal of PR required ?

If your wife is sponsor for your PR and you divorce or she passes away the PR may be cancelled. Other than that the PR will continue. If the worst happens it may be possible to apply for a Residence Pass in place of the PR. If citizenship has been accepted there is no effect if the worst happens

What is residence pass?? In the absence of any will, what will happen to the house property, car, bank balance of my sponsor case of her death ( touch wood..let her live for 100 plus years happily)

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