Residency Pass-Talent


Anyone who has applied for residency pass talent? Can you give me some info pls

I applied for RP-T. You can simple go to their website and fill the form. Attach all the documents as it can be only applied through online.

Once you fill your details and submit with the fee(RM 300), you need to wait for around 1 month or so to get the status of your pass.


You need to have worked for at least 3 years, earn a minimum of 15,000 a month, hold a Masters degree and a few other requirements.  If you create an account on the RP-T website, they have an online chat and are really quick to reply to any questions.

Mostly applicants are being rejected now unless their earnings significantly exceed 15k per month regardless of the minimum stated. Also length of time working here needs to be longer term and not just the minimum. Information Technology is oversubscribed. It is reported on this forum a few days ago

What people overlooked is the whole rationale behind the programme which is to retain talent beneficial to the economic development of Malaysia.

It's not a perk for staying in Malaysia regardless and people already holding the RPT visa are struggling to find employment these days as the government discourages foreign labour

The benefit to the employer was they didn't have to use their quota to hire RPT holders. Now they are struggling to get jobs designated for non-Malaysians in general

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