how to get myKAD for EP holder

Dear All,

I would like to seek guidance about MyKAD \I-CAD for expats with valid employment pass.
What is the procedure and place to get this i-d card.

Is this ID card replacement of having to carry my passport all times?

Can my dependent child (2 years old ) also get this or a similar ID card?

Why do I need this:

#1) Recently I keep reading about updates on whatapp that some of the EP holders were arrested\questioned by police for the passport and on failure to produce they were arrested.

#2) It is not feasible and safe to carry the passport at all times e.g. grocery shopping, just going close by residence to 7/11 etc type situations and would like to avoid any complications.

#3) Have an alternative identification other then the passport.

Thanks in advance,

Only you can apply for a Mycad. New rule. Only EP holder and not dependents

Thanks Gravitas.
Do  you happen to know where to apply and how to get this?
any URL links will be helpful.

It may  only be available at renewal or when a new EP is issued. It's available at immigration counters by appointment … plication/

Photos are needed.

You can apply for I card for EP holder at putrajaya immigration office, prescient 3 building 2nd floor.

You will need to carry original passport and letter from company to verify your employment with them.

There they will give you one form to fill and will see your original passport and company employment verification letter and will accept it.

They will let you know in how many days you can come and collect your I Card.

I don't think for family members they give I card only EP holders.

When you visit check again with them whether now are they giving,  I card to family member on dependent visa and let us know.

Once you have your I card you can carry that and don't need to have your original passport with you, Only if you are doing any bank task and need to visit personally to bank then carry original passport.

Hope it helps.

Latest update on this topic … ance-2019/

So it means that we have to carry our passport every time and everywhere? can we jut bring the copy of our passport and visa, because it's very inconvenient to carry with us such important document like passport.

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