How to get a criminal record in KL?

Dear all,
I need to obtain a Criminal Record certificate to submit it to an Embassy. I checked with a Police Station in my area but it seems they are not familiar with it. It may have a different name. In some countries it is called Police Report and in another is a Criminal Report.
Any advice pls... I am living in Ampang Point surroundings.. Thanks in advance..

Letter of Good Conduct from your relevant government agency

◾The police authority of the applicants home country; or
◾The Embassy of the applicants home country based in Malaysia, provided that the LGC issued by the Embassy has made a reference to the respective police authority and the LGC must be attested by the Embassy.

This is from the MM2H website - could you reuse?

Tks Gravitas. However I need to obtain criminal record or LGC from each country I lived in and not from my country only.

That's a monumental task.

My old boss got one. You should go to a large police station - a small one or a traffic one will look blankly at you!

This link should help: … ersion=1.0

Guidelines: … ELINES.pdf

Thanks. Very useful web sit!

Thanks. I will try again with another bigger police station..

Unfortunately your question is very unclear. Firstly, what nationality are you? If you are Malaysian and wish to obtain a police record or certificate of good character you should approach your local police station and they would guide you on the correct procedure. If you are a non Malaysian national and you need a visa for a foreign embassy you must request that certificate from your own country from the police authorities there.

A police report goes by a variety of names depending on which country you are talking about. However it is required to ensure that you have not been guilty of a crime. This makes sense as most sane countries have enough criminals of their own and do not wish to import more. I am excepting, of course, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland who welcome criminals from other countries within the EU as there is no requirement for a police report. I did however mention sane countries.

Hello everyone, I have just received a job offer in Beijing, however, the employer require this criminal history record and to be verified by the China Embassy, I am from KL but working in Singapore, where can I get this record from, anyone experienced this? Appreciate your advice :)

Kind regards,
Sow Teng

Available online - Letter/Certificate of Good Conduct … ELINES.pdf

or maybe from Malaysian HC in Singapore … od-conduct

Thank you so much for this!! Quick question, there is no any other faster way to do this, example I go to the HQ of ministry of foreign affairs in Kuala Lumpur to get this done? =)

Check with KL, but Ramadan starts 17th. Bit chaotic it seems here in KL though

Singapore might be quicker it seems - also web info is getting very out of date.

But the CGC is a major background check on a person.

Oh yeah that is true Ramadan soon! Ok will apply online and let's see. I hope the employer can wait. Appreciate the info :)

This looks like the latest info

Oh cool thank you so much! :)


Hope you settled down by now. I m in exactly situation as you, based in sg born in KL. How did you manage to get the criminal record and how long is the whole process :). Cheers

Hello there,

Yeah all settled by now, enjoying Beijing so far! I applied for the certificate of good conduct through kementerian luar negeri website. It took less than a week for them to process which was pretty efficient though. You can either collect from the local Malaysian embassy or perhaps from KLN office in Putrajaya. The entire process was long but worth it as I am enjoying the new place here so far but missing Singapore and Malaysia though.

Great you will be enjoying the winter soon. 1 more inquiry, once you received the record from kln, do you translate it to Chinese and  go to the Chinese embassy in KL to have the document notarize?

Good sharing :)

Hey there. Nah the winter here is crazy and I can started feeling how cold it is now, not even winter...
The document was in English, I didn't translate that into Chinese because my employer (American company) they do accept English version, you might need to check with your future employer, if you are applying for a job here, if they do accept the version in English or Mandarin only. I hope this helps. Let me know of you have further questions about relocation to China. Good luck!

Great !!! if everything goes well, I will be having hairy crab in SH by Dec. :)

OK, I applied on 30th Oct and ready for collection on 5th Nov - 4 working days !!! efficient :)

Now I have to do translation and notarized by China embassy.

I applied on the 28th, but it is still in process  :sosad:  i need to submit the document by the 15th but i am leaving the country this weekend. i am worry! Did you try to give them a call or something ?

I applied on the 28th, but it is still in process  :sosad:  i need to submit the document by the 15th but i am leaving the country this weekend. i am worry! Did you try to give them a call or something ?

Guess I m lucky, I didn’t give them a call. Last resort u have no choice, hope u can reach them :)

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