Muslims marry abroad, Malaysia Muslim court and registration

Im researching a problem for a Muslim couple who married and lived abroad and now want to come live in Malaysia and register their foreign marriage. One is Malaysian.

They understand the rules and registration but have yet to enter the court proceedings in which fines are likely to be levied for breaking the rules and marrying abroad without permission from the father and Islamic authorities.

Does anyone know about the Islamic court proceedings? What is the time frame, what exactly happens in court? How are they supposed to prepare for a trial, what questions are asked in court? Is an attorney required and for what purpose? There is a mention and then a trial, I will suppose? What exactly happens in this process and how long does it take?

They have googled around and found no information at all on the topic, only about how to marry abroad.

Suggest you contact the state Islamic authority where the couple intend to settle and ask what the procedure is. In KL, contact JAWI, in Selangor contact JAIS. A Google search should get bring up the websites and contact info. Note that the process is likely to be an excruciatingly frustrating one. A mixed Malay/expat couple we know of had difficulty getting married here in Malaysia due to problems in getting the woman's father (wali) to attend shariah court to explain why he wouldn't provide his permission for the girl to marry. The case dragged on for so long that the couple gave up on marrying here and married in Thailand instead. When they applied to JAIS to have the marriage recognized here in Malaysia, their application was put into a long queue of applications that was held up awaiting resolution of the file ahead of theirs: a couple who had given up waiting for their marriage to be recognized here and who had gone to live in the husband's country. Needless to say, having to deal with this kind of silliness, our friends exited Malaysia and are now living in the US.

Thanks kmart. Understood.

Since I wrote the post I think I understand a few extra things now. The system is a racket, a racket for money. If you marry abroad you are depriving the system of lawyers, courts, blood tests, fees, etc. Actually to marry in Malaysia is not so easy, especially if, as you say, the wali mujbir (father or grandfather) objects. Often the objection is again about money paid for the bride. If one marries abroad most of this is wiped out and that cause of grief to the locals causes them to punish you -- delays and abundant problems.

They get you one way or the other way because if you return to Malaysia you cant be called a married couple after 6 months, thus causing you to get into the system or be guilty of kwalwat charges. They have you coming or going and it doesnt matter to them which way.

That said, there is sparse information about the process, especially the court proceedings to find guilt and apply fines. I only know one forieigner who married abroad and tried to re-register in Malaysia. It took five years during which time they had to hide from authorities and go out every three months as the foreigner remained in tourist status (no registration, and so no visa).

In US anyway, there are NONE of these problems (that i know of). Im not surprised people get fed up here and go. Anyway, still compiling info here.

i married malaysian ladyy in thailand due to her family issues and we stamped our marriage certificate from thailand in malaysian embassy ..but we needed to submit it for shariah court in malaysia to approve a  malaysian marriage certificate ...anybody knows how long does this procedure takes in court ?? for the muslims who married in thailand,songkhla ??

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