Georgia Visa - EID VACATIONS

HI all. Posts on the internet just made me confuse regarding the visa requirement for residents of GCC ( Having Valid iqama) . Some says you may be deported back from the airport and embassy is not responsible for this. and some says you can enter. 

Does anyone having updated information.? I am planning on this eid vacation near 2nd june.

Theoretically speaking, GCC residents can get visa on arrival.  Practically, however, since last year, a lot of people are not allowed to enter despite having all of their papers in order.  The overwhelming majority of them were from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.  I don't know what the situation is now and if it has improved but I would suggest that you apply for a visa in advance, just in case.  Better to be safe rather than sorry.

That i thought of applying also... But Even on the website they are showing you are exempted for E-visa.   Thts why I am worried.

Apply for a visa through the Embassy then

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