Criminal record from various countries

...for say Professional or Investor or any similar visa.

Suppose, apart from my country of origin in the last 5 years I've traveled around the globe for about 2 years in total, staying at different countries for different periods from 1 month to 1 year (never acquiring a residence if that's important).

Should I bother about those stays or should I just give my country-of-origin criminal record?
Has anyone had similar experience?

Personally, I wouldn't volunteer the information unless it is specifically asked for. Then of course, be honest.

In my limited experience with government agencies here, from my view the workers don't analyze your documents, they just check to see if they are present and in the way it is expected by regulation (notarized, apostilled, etc). They don't investigate the docs the way we we are led to believe immigration case workers might do in the US.

My girlfriend and I have been doing my residency visa paperwork on our own, without the aid of a lawyer. So far, it's been ok. Comparatively, I've had a much easier time with Ecuador's immigration process than I had once with transferring a car registered and titled in California to Ohio!

I would agree not volunteering extra information. Then when you run into an visa official that thoroughly examines your passport and finds out you were out if the country for a year and no police report is presented, he/she can be a butt. LOL.

With applying for any Ecuadorian visa, you will be required to provide a full criminal record.

"To obtain an Ecuadorean residence visa, you will need to provide a criminal records certificate from all the countries you have lived in during the last 5 years. ... The Ecuadorean authorities require the police record to be translated in Ecuador and the translation notarised locally."

This includes fingerprints, ect.
I've personally gone through this, in the past year, so don't even think it won't be required if applying for a Visa. It's required, and won't be missed 'if you don't bring it up'; The advice above is ridiculous.

Living or visiting? How is that differentiated?

Bigbrad2008 :

Living or visiting? How is that differentiated?

The OP asked about a professional or investment VISA.
It wouldn't make a difference regarding living or staying under those options.

I suggest you read the OP, it included living in various places from 1 month to 1 year.

1) ask a lawyer I guess or 2) do what I am doing. I am a resident of the US and have spent about 8 months a year here over the last 5 years. Those other 4 months were spent in various countries but I didn't establish residency there. I got a new passport so there is not so many tourist stamps AND the police report from the FBI and my state police. I have no clue who to contact in those other countries and provinces to get a police report from them.  Plus, would the person doing my pensioner thing from Ecuador want police reports from about 30 countries or just  1? REMEMBER, you decide, a lawyer will charge you money but they are often not bright.

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