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By Charles R Barrett

The Passport, is one of the most sought after documents in South America. A stolen then altered passport is worth thousands of dollars on the black market.

When you arrive in Ecuador, you should make a color copy of your passport. Carry that with you and not your original. Put your original in the safe at your hotel. If there isn't a safe then hide the passport do not leave it where it is easy to find.

When you take your passport to some official, have a color copy, show the official they a re identical but do not leave it with them. In discussing this with one of the leading law forms in Cuenca he said there is no requirement to leave your passport with any official.

Do not give it to your lawyer unless you have been to their office and you totally trust them. Again there is not a legal requirement or reason to leave that passport. One story this lawyer told me was of a man who came to him. This Expat sent his passport to the lawyer he was using, only to have that lawyer disconnect his phone and move his office. The man could not find the lawyer or the passport.

Loosing your passport in any foreign country is sticky matter, so do you best to know where your passport is at all time. One or two back up copies is some safe guard.

Also do not carry you wallet or purse with you with all your identification and credit card. Carry on or maybe two cards with you and a color copy of your passport. Keep each card in different pockets.

Keep your money in different pockets. So if something happens maybe you'll only have to give them part of your money.

Be careful and have a good experience. We have a free HELPFUL FACT ABOUT ECUADOR

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