U.S. born child with Ecuadorian dad seeking Ecuadorian passport


I am new to the forum and I am hoping someone can answer my question. I am unable to get an answer from my local consulate right now because of the closures due to COVID-19.

My father was born in Ecuador and I was born in the USA (I am now an adult). I do not believe my father registered my USA birth with the Ecuadorian consulate. I was told by someone that I am an Ecuadorian citizen by virtue of being born of a native Ecuadorian even though I do not have official documents to show that. The problem is that I am no longer in contact with my father and I am also not sure whether or not he is still alive. My last contact with him was in 2010 before he returned to Ecuador from the USA for retirement.  We were never that close to begin with, so I would prefer not to contact him to proceed with this on my behalf as he is now in his 80s if he is still alive. My mom is deceased and was not Ecuadorian. I have a long version birth certificate which indicates that his place of birth was in Ecuador and I was also able to look up his cedula number online.

Is there a way that I can start this process without him at an Ecuadorian consulate in the USA?  I am interested in obtaining my Ecuadorian passport for purposes of possible future expatriation and ease of travel (my spouse is Venezuelan and it would be easier/safer to visit that country with an Ecuadorian passport as opposed to an American one).

Thank you!

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First of all, you seem competent on things, you found out his cedula number.  To get that passport you need the embassy to be open so just wait, they will point you in the correct direction. I am not a good waiter but you have no choice at this time. I assume, yes assume, he will not have to be there but may have to get contacted by the embassy, I do not know.  I am pretty sure the embassy will ask, is parent alive or dead, us citizen or not and if alive, adress and contact information. You might want to do that now if impatient. I am sure you can get most of that information without bringing him into your life. Call the number, if it rings and an older gentleman answers, you can talk or just hang up.

I would very much prefer not contacting him at all. Years ago after my mom passed away (they were separated for years yet never divorced) he requested my mom's death certificate, which I presume he used to either prove that he was now a widower to marry his current significant other or perhaps to apply for U.S. permanent residence (unlikely but not sure). I sent it to him without really thinking twice about it, I did not see the harm in it. In either event, it has been going on 10 years since we have communicated, and if the process can be facilitated without him it would be much preferred.

I do not mind waiting on this for embassies to reopen. I mean, I have been waiting this long, what's another year or so for COVID to dissipate further?

Yes, ask them

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