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I am quite confused about the nature of professional visa  as among the pathways to secure a residency in Ecuador.  The law appears to be as simple as it may seem:  if an applicant possess  the required 4-year degree from an approved institution , it can be inferred  that he gets his residency .outright.  Is this that easy? 
   Unlike in the United States, we also have this H visas  in which an applicant  has to undergo a labor certification and an employer/sponsor is needed to ensure job is available. The process is quite lengthy but leads to a residency and later to citizenship.
   A perusal of this Ecuadorean law  seems to portray an idea that Ecuador  is in need of intellectuals  to  be fused into its general population which in a way is quite noble. An intelligent  citizenry contributes to the economic well being of a country as we see in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Singapore , the Philippines and many of Asian countries.

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Ecuador immigration attorney Sara Chaca has been our foremost friend among attorneys in La República for making available in English the information on obtaining visas .. since the immigration law was changed two years ago.

For your question about professional visas -- and for other visa-applicant information -- Google Sara's write-up with the search words ecuadorvisas sara chaca best visa types for residency.  The information in Sara's write-up was posted earlier this year, 2018.

In particular, scroll down the list at Sara's blog to the article titled "Best 4 or 5 Visa Types For Residency."

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I'm here on a professional visa.  Other than the standard stuff you need for any temp. resident visa, you need the apost'd diploma and proof of monthly income.  Since I retired rather young, I don't have monthly income, but luckily I have a monthly payment that comes from a house I sold before moving here and that satisfied the gov't.  Don't remember how much per month was required or is required now.  Satisfied their requirement with bank statements (printed pdf's).

Edit: Oh, and you should check the Senescyt site to see if your college or university is listed because, if it isn't, that's a whole other headache.  Don't have the link anymore, but found it through google.

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