Permanent Residence Card - Type-B or Type-D

Hello all.

I recently completed 5 years in Belgium with continuous employment at the same employer on Work Permit B.

I intend to apply for the Permanent Resident Card the coming month even though my current Residence Permit expires in Decmber 2019.

My query is on the type of Card.

Type B - Long term resident of Belgium with entry in alien population register.
Type D - Long term EU resident with entry in local population register.

From the information gleaned on the internet, I am eligible for both the types.

Most of the third-country nationals from outside the EU that I know in Belgium, who have lived here longer, have a Type-B card.

What are the major differences in the cards, and any advantage with Type-D card other than social benefits and EU stay ?
Any disadvantage with card Type-D ?
And how come most guys never talk about applying for a Type-D card which seems promising ?

Could someone knowing these points elaborate ?

Thanking you,


Each member states issue permanant residence according to 2 directives/categories. One is of national directive (B card in belgium). Second being the EU directive(D card in Belgium).

The main difference between B and D is, D comes with mobility within EU for employment. You can move to another member state without any work authorization (at times, only first year,you may need a work permit). The participating countries are here: Reference

In case of Card B in Belgium, I am not sure about this mobility without the need of work permit to work in other member states.

Yes , may be not lot are aware. In fact, the % of cards issued for D is in fact just  less than 1% of all the applications in Belgium. (reference)

When you go to commune, you must specifically demand for card D, if you wish to.

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