Moving to Ireland as a Spouse of an EU Citizen

Since I am married to an Irish citizen, I am having a hard time finding answers online regards to my PPSN and how to get that as well as set up for medical care, I have Multiple Sclerosis.  Also, should I just put my records on a CD-ROM or a thumb drive?  Whats the best way? And how long does it take to get into see a GP?

Rachel J

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

For details about how you get your PPSN, follow this link.

With regards to Healthcare, this link will take you to the relevant Irish Government website.

With regards to your current Healthcare records; I have no idea, my wife is a practice nurse in the UK and when they receive foreign records, they are usually on paper and are scanned as PDF documents onto the patient's record file; with current data security issues, there is no guarantee that any USB or CD's you bring will be read.  She tells me that if you are diagnosed with MS, it is better to get the specialist looking after your condition where you now live to write a letter of introduction providing his contact details to your new doctor, summarising diagnoses, relevant dates and what treatment you are currently receiving.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Hi Rachel,

Did you end up moving to Ireland?
I am in the same boat as you with every you listed.

My husband is an Irish citizen and we are in Canada now and we are planning on moving to Ireland in 2022 roughly.

However recently I was diagnosed with MS and we are figuring out everything in terms of my health and access to medical, neurologists and as well as treatments.

Do you have any suggestions, tips etc as you have been through this?

Thanks so much!!

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