Car Rental in Punta Cana

Hey everyone,

My wife and I are coming to PC and La Romana in early May for our first scouting visit.
I have read tons of reviews of the well known rental companies and they are terrible at the airport. I see good reviews of Prestige and Honda car rental. Has anyone used them or have other recommendations? I'll be getting the insurance etc and I'm a veteran of driving in Mexico city and Port-au-Prince so I should be ok.

Also if anyone living in either town would be willing to have lunch with us while we are there to pick your brain :) that would be awesome!



One I found is Serena Village.  Online only through their site.  20 usd a day!  The cheapest i have found by far. 

Any issues finding it, send me a pm and I'll send you a link.

Happy scouting!

I always book Alamo through Expedia. Excellent service. Pick up car at Alamo location next to Jumbo. I'm in Punta Cana.


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