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Hello everyone, I am trying to obtain some clarification regarding the following.
My wife and I are NON EU citizens, we frequently visit various parts of Europe, especially Spain and are considering purchasing a small property in Spain which we would like to use, for holiday purposes.
My understanding is that as NON EU citizens we woukd be restricted to 90 day blocks, ie 90 days within schengen and unable to return until we had completed 90 days outside schengen on a revolving cycle, even if we owned a property in Spain. The purchase price we are considering woukd be WAY below the golden visa range.

We have been wondering if the 90 day limit applies ONLY if the individuals stay in the same property/ at the same address, during their stay. As it appears somewhat ludicrous to imagine that if someone was touring numerous countries in Europe that  they could not extend their tour beyond 90 days

We are wondering if anyone on this forum could clarify the legal situation.

Any assistance/ advice wiukd be greatly appreciated.


You can stay in Schengen area for a max total of 90 days in a six months

Thanks for your reply, John.

That is what we feared would be the response.

One point I would like to clarify though

Is it possible to obtain a legal extension for a period greater than 90 days, if one were visiting a number of countries within Schengen  90 days is not very long when one may wish to tour 8/9 countries. If it is possible to obtain an extension what wiukd be the procedure given one would be travelling between countries on virtually a weekly basis. 7-10/days is not very long to spend in European countries the size of France/ Germany etc

We will probably be spending around 4 weeks in Spain alone, if we proceed with the original idea of purchasing a property there and that would  only leave around 60/days to visit other countries, during this visit.


Adam.  I did an internet search for you.  Take a look here … ngen-visa/

Thanks Johncar,

I have downloaded the link you suggested..

Not sure how relevant the information is though as we have never required visas to enter the Schengen Area, or had our entry queried,  we travel on Australian passports, so on that basis we do not have any visa, entered in our passport to extend.

Beginning to think the most expedient way is to continue adhering to the 90 day rule

Thanks for yiur assistance anyway


I had not realised that Australians  no longer needed a visa

Some years ago I met an Australian at the Spanish consulate in London.  He had a one entry visa for spain and was trying to get around the problem that have entered spain and then Portugal his visa would not allow him a second entry to Spain

You maybe disappointed that the Schengen rules are not as you would like them to be but at least Australians no longer need a visa !

True, it is a lot simpler these days, I recall having to wait at the Spanish border, years ago, to obtain an entry visa. At least these days it is all visa free, but the draw back is the 90 day clause.
The advantage, years ago, was that one could obtain visas for individual countries, 30 day + , so there wa in effect no limit on how long one could tour Europe for, subject to having enough money.

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