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We are from the Denver, CO area and are moving to cozumel probably in July or August, depending on how long it takes to sell our home.  We have been several times, and are in the process of buying a home now.  We just got back from our house hunting trip this week. 

Wondering about how complicated it is to bring your car with a few belongings.  We aren't planning to bring much, but need our work computers.  The things I've read are confusing. 

Any advice?


Well, one of the things that have been required is import fees on that car. If you plan on seeking a permanent visa then the car would likely have to return to the U.S.  I'm using words like likely because there have been any changes in rules and regulations with the new government. I would suggest that you check with the Mexican counsel in your state to see what the current rules would likely be.

Previously it was just black and white. yes you could have your car for an import fee. You would have to pay that fee and get it back every six months when you returned over the border to renew your 6-month visa. I did it for two years before having to return the car to the U.S. when I became permanent.
If I were you I would consult the counsel in your area at least once before you move.

Ok, thank you.  We will do that.  The only real reason we'd want to take it over once, would be to get a few of our belongings there too.  It's old, high miles, really wouldn't be worth the hassle, but would be of significant help in getting belongings over the first time. 

We do for sure plan to seek a permanent visa once we are there.

yes wico,

I moved many smaller items that way over two years.

Another problem would be that you would be using a ferry so you have to find out where the car ferry port is, it's not the same as the standard ferry, and it's not as convenient. It probably would have fewer runs at different times. I base that on a trip with my car to Isla Mujeres.

Buena Suerte

I was born in mexico city but left when I was 9.
I've lived in Belgium ever since but am now p^reparing to try out life in my birth country as an adult :)
I'm super scared!!
Would love tips if you have any and maybe meet with people or just get to know other expats. I guess I'm kindof an expat and kindof not haha.

Hi Amandavida,

You should check with the Mexican counsel in your current location. given that you are a citizen the rules would be different than for non-citizens. It looks like you probably speak Spanish which is good. Do you have friends or family here? It would be helpful, they could fill you in on what you should know as a returning citizen,

Choose a tourist entry and don't start at the border. There is a much higher risk for Mexican natives than there is for tourists. Rural areas have been the latest targets for the cartels. Lots of money in avocados and lemons.  So a tourist area should be much safer for you and with your background, you should easily pass as a tourist until you find out how to proceed.

Bienvenido a casa

I be going to family indeed in the capital. I do speak Spanish, yes.
Thank you for the tip to arrive as a tourist. I guess I kindof am and kindof not giving I have no clue how to function there. 🤷

Hi Amandavida,

Well, its a relief to know you will have a family to guide you. Mexico city is both exciting and tricky, A very busy big city that has very long commute lines and many people. Native women are at a much greater risk unfortunately so you must be careful.

I'm sure your family will take good care of you.

que tengas un buen viaje y disfruta  :)

Writing in case you haven’t moved yet...
We are in the last stages of moving. The paperwork has been a nightmare. We, too, are 3 hours away from a consulate.
Our mover is Allied. They screwed up packing, packing things they shouldn’t and not packing whole drawers of stuff. Our coordinator sat on the papers for a couple weeks. It’s now been almost six weeks since packing and I hope to get them today for an appointment tomorrow.
My advice: talk to your consulate about what they need. Each one has different documents or different ways to do the docs.

I am new and introducing us.  Husband is technically a Mexican citizen but.. his mom was American and as the USA did not allow dual citizenship until 1986 my husband did not look to have his Mexican citizenship recognised. Prior to 1986 if you took another citizenship the USA eliminated, removed, cancelled your US citizenship we did not attempt to do anything to avoid the US gov cancelling his US citizenship. Now both parents dead, he is 63, it's more difficult.  We have travelled all over Mexico. We drove down from OR to Manzanillo. Drove from NM to MAnzanillo last year. Flew to Mexico City (which I loved) and drove almost to Guatemala, Flew to Cancun and drove all over.  I love Mexico and Guatemala. We have residency in Guatemala and family in Mexico. Husband learned English in school and speaks it perfectly, years of non-Spanish speaking and he has lost a LOT still understands more than me, speak slow and I am good LOL.  Looking to get his Mexican citizenship in place and see what we will do.


Data Analyst, planning for retirement in Mexio,  but will work remotely for awhile first.

Planning to visit soon.   Previously considered Costa Rica and have visited there four times.   It is mui bonito, but Mexico seems more practical and less expensive.   

Thanks for having me on the forum!

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