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Hi all,

Newbie on the Mexico forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Mexico if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hi all,

I'm currently NYC based, but have been spending as much time as I can in Mexico the past couple of years, and looking to relocate to Mexico City. I've been mostly doing Operations and Logistics Management in the humanitarian sector the past few years, but have also worked in tourism for about half my career as well. My Spanish is advanced, and just looking for the right work arrangement that will allow me to relocate :)



I am supposed to introduce myself, so here goes:  I am 73 with three auto-immune diseases. I've been sick since I was 40, most of that time shut-in. So I'm a lot of fun, right?
I am wanting to expatriate to San Miguel de Allende. I have no idea how I can pull this off, but I am motivated. I need home health care which is a nightmare in the US. Plus things are getting just a bit strange her in the US... I have heard great things about being able to get help at home in Mexico. Plus, I have always just loved Mexico. Lived there for six months in a small town outside of Monterrey. I speak Spanish, but I am not what you would call fluent. I used to be a university librarian, and I also taught special education on the middle school level. That's about it!

welcome, Sparrow,

I would suggest you just put one foot in, ask questions and see how it goes.

Hello everyone. Just looking to hang out with some some interesting people, have some intriguing conversations

Hi Katie Murray here. I have been intrigued about moving to Mexico since my friends bought a condo in Cozumel and started having a good time 4 months out of the year. The problem was my awful half saw it as a risk, and posed questions about what I was going to do this or that, which I understood as veiled threats and did not contest. Well, that awful half will be gone in about 3 months and I plan on going and doing at least some of the things we never did for 35 years, and that's a lot. I was born and raised in Chicago, but presently reside in Bend Oregon which is an expensive place to live. I'm hoping to start teaching English online, start a vlog with a friend and do housesitting. Cozumel seems wonderful, but warm. I have thought of San Miguel de Allende or Lake Chapla. I'm looking at FB sites especially for those cities to ask about housesitting. But, I know a lot of those jobs are by word of mouth. So, if anyone knows of any sites I can look at for housesitting job (that doesn't charge a membership), please let me know. Also I'm looking at trying to find any local newspapers in those areas. I don't mind keeping the houseclean, and watering plants. And I love animals! But, I don't do any heavy gardening or any other responsibilities that involve a lot of physical work. You'll have to forgive me that I'm not more specific but this decision has just been made in the last 4 days and I'm also dealing with sinus surgery that I had on the 29th. Thanks to all! Keep up the good work!

That's a good idea. It's hard for me to travel, but I do have a friend moving down there this month. I could go visit and check it out. I have no idea how the health care system works in Mexico.

Hi narrow_sparrow,
If you want more information, here's a link to the Health care system in Mexico

What plans do you have in Mexico? :)



Hi, Loic -

Thanks for that health care link. Good info there.

I have a friend of almost 50 years who has moved to San Miguel with her husband. She has Parkinson's,  and after having visited there for two years, she convinced me that I could get better health care there than in the US. There is no cure for what I've got, so I'm just looking to maintain the protocol I am on and find people to help me in a house I hope I can afford! I admit that I am really scared to make such a big change at this age and in such poor health. But it's getting weird here in the US; I need to be some place else, and SMA sounds good!

Katie, welcome to expat.

It looks like you have quite a bit on your plate. I would suggest that you arrange to just visit and see what you think.

Mexico is a very independent hands-on place. Things that would be automatically managed by bill paying online in the U.S. have to be managed person to person. In other words, you would be more active and you would likely have to do house maintenance unless you have the budget to hire a housekeeper on a daily basis. I have one on a weekly basis but I still do a lot of the house maintenance myself

There is good internet service but no actual bill management online. That's why you have problems finding what you want online. Even if there is a web site they are very unlikely to use it. The only success I have had with that is having a Mexican bank where two of my bills can be paid automatically. That took in-person face time. Do you speak Spanish?
It's a different world come check it out and see if it's a good fit for you.

Thank you for your reply! Yes I apologize to everyone on community for throwing up on them in my introduction! My only excuse is that I was still recovering from anesthesia and I shouldn’t have been doing so many things online.
No, I have never been to Mexico, but I do have some friends in Cozumel who have been spending 4 to 5 months there for the last several 15 years, as I watched enviously.
I do plan on visiting Mexico, but that’s to get my teeth fixed by a doctor in Cancun if he accepts me. I know Cancun is an unrealistic depiction of what real Mexican life can be, but hey I NEED a vacation!
I was curious about the things you said concerning banking. Do you know if Mexican banks accept Social Security checks? Or are you not in that age group? Also is Mexico a Golden Visa country?
No, I don’t speak Spanish! LOL! But it is on my urgent to do list!
Thanks again for the information!

Its okay Katie,

we all know how stressful things can get. It looks like your friends might be the ideal place for you to start your visit.
Cancun tends to be on the expensive, to the very expensive side so prepare for that. It is, after all, a tourist city. Did you know Tijuana also does medical and dental work? that would be much closer to where you are living.

As for Banks getting an account has a lot to do with your visa. The bank I deal with would have accepted my retirement account for deposit, but I like my U.S. bank. Some start with banks that have a presence in both countries like CitiBank. Some use a Schwab account and the ATM here. That would be something you could explore later.

Good luck

Thanks again for the good information! But, I have to bother you for one more question. Is Tijuana save if I go alone?

Lady Penzance -- If you call that throwing up, then I must have done projectile barfing! I need to apologize, too. We are all in "interesting" situations....

Hi Katie,

When I say fairly safe I mean less risky than say Juarez and most other border towns or places like Portland and Seattle. Also, many ex-pats live near there in Rosarito or further down in Ensanada.
The locals like the tourist dollar so they are pretty accommodating.  They will ask a higher price in U.S. dollars.  I tell them in Spanish that I am a permanent resident, and "just for you The price will be (much lower number) "it amuses me.  So just be aware everywhere.

You could contact the dental and medical services before going and get their advice about hotels etc. The medical and dental care there is really very good. They do communicate online. They have many American clients.

Have a good day.

Hi guys!  I'm Laura!

After our mother passed away, my siblings and I took a trip to Guanajuato and San Miguel.  My brother's husband is from Torreon, and he planned this magical trip.  So magical that I will be moving there in the next year or two!  I am currently taking Spanish, and I'm beginning to research all that I need to know about moving to a foreign country.

I am 56, recently retired after owning a successful deli in San Diego for ten years.  Talk about exhausting!  It's time to enjoy life and San Miguel is the place.  Thank you for creating this forum.  I can definitely use any advice you have.   I will be bringing a cat.  Do I sell my car?  Do I need new health insurance?  I don't know what I don't know!   Thank you everyone!

I'll give a partial answer regarding insurance.  I moved to Mexico last August, starting in Guanajuato but am now in Playa.  I figured I'd get around to insurance, one of these days, and then slipped on a tile floor and broke my ankle, badly. So, I went to the hospital in Playa and had x-rays, CAT scan, surgery, all of which went well, but without insurance I paid out of pocket, about $11,000 US.  Expensive, but much less than in the states.  I recommend you do your research on insurance and get covered.  Many mention travel insurance, but I'm a permanent resident and that didn't or doesn't seem to be what I need. 

I prefer the vibe in Guanajuato to San Miguel, thought both are wonderful havens for expats.


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