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Travellight hit it right on the head.  Nobody can tell you where is best for you.  Make a list check it twice see who's naughty....oh wait wrong list.  Due diligence is the key.  Do your own research, visit, stay, and then ask for input on 2-3 places at the top of your list.

When we decided to move to Mexico we wanted on the beach or at least a close view (spouse wanted to hear the waves).  We want someplace where it wasn't  hard to visit the grandkids or for them to come visit us.  That narrowed us down to northern MX as they are in So CA and Texas.   There were a few other things that pretty much narrowed us to Rosarito, Ensenada, San Felipe, and Puerto Penasco. 

For various reasons, not the least of which was finding a new construction where we could build just what we wanted, we went with Rosarito.  But what's important to me might mean nothing to you.  So research is key.

Just for the record, we are retirees having lived as such in Mexico at Lake Chapala and in San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas for almost 20 years, The reason we reside in those two high elevation locations (about 5,000 and 7,000 feet respectively) is because of their fine high-altitude climates-especially Lake Chapala. When we first married in 1972 we lived for a couple of years on Alabama’s Gulf Coast - a fine and beautiful  place but after 40 years in San Francisco, we like cool refreshing breezes so no more coastal heat and humidity for us. Our preference for cool, sunny climates is why we live in the Jalisco and Chiapas Highlands  but we are quite fond of both the coasts of Quintana Roo and Veracruz both if which we visit often.  As far as we are aware, neither  Cancun nor Veracruz are cartel controlled and dangerous places to live as posted by a previous correspondent above. If you like coastal living, either the Quintana Roo (outside of Cancun proper which is a bit too crowded for us) or Veracruz coasts would br fine places to settle.

razworld :

Thank you, Can you suggest other locations?

Hi "razworld", personal opinion. Just like "travellight" said make a list, visit various areas, what are your needs (WM, mega centers, playa, etc...).

My wife and I travelled Mexico since 1993 (vacations, RVing, renting winters)  before deciding in 2016 to move and completed in August 2017 and became fulltime residents of Mexico.

Loved Zihuatanejo but moved to a cooler climate and smaller area on the Riviera Nayarit coast.

Also, as far as the cost of living is concerned it varies from person to person and the area you live in, if you own a big house or rent, have a vehicule or not, go to restaurants or eat in, etc....

Buena suerte en su proyecto, GyC.

Hi everyone!

I'm Laura... thinking about moving to Rosarito :)

razworld :

Thank you, Can you suggest other locations?

First, you need to be aware of what is important to you.

There are very popular places which are also expensive like Cancun, Cabo P.V. SMA, etc. You will pay more in those places.
There are places that are less safe which tend to be border towns and cartel vacation spots like Acapulco. Border towns on the east side tend to be more dangerous than on the west side... Yet with all of the generated border hysteria, it would be best to avoid the border areas.

So then it boils down to the beach ? hot, cool with even possible snow, peaceful small mostly native city with few English speakers and few expats, gated English speaking communities. Or what? It's up to you


You should really consider moving to Yucatan if you plan to live near the beach, it's a peninsula so you have beaches all around, cheap priced lots that you can buy now and build the house of your dreams with  6 years to do so. 

I recommend that you rent a place in Merida,  it's at the center of it all and there is a huge Expat community ready to help with great insight. I have Canadian Family who have a huge property in the Centro (Spanish settled cities have an epicenter and are built outward from them, it's the colonial part of town and the houses that are left over by Mexicans that move to the modern infrastructured ouskirsts of town are bought and remodeled by Expats) they rent two apartments in the property and have been living in Mexico for over 5 years, they also host great parties and you get to meet all the locals.

From there you can visit all of the Pueblos, cenotes, beaches and sights but i'm sure you won't get to see all of it in a month's time, it's so much to see that you will need years to even get half way done discovering new places.



Hello , my family and I are moving to southern Yucatan area , Mahahual most likely or Xcalak.
We are going to rent for a year or so then hopefully buy something . All of us are determined to get asa certified in sailing as well. We plan to spend lots of time on a boat!
That’s our rap! Thanks

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