New members of the Kuwait forum, introduce yourselves here - 2019

Welcome to Kuwait, I am a teacher too and I lived here for more than 20 years

Hi IkranJ,
Most welcome to Kuwait and wish u all the best.
Aug. Almost will be very very hot and it depends which area ur school that u will be working..
Just ask ur questions and who can answer n help they will 👍..

Hello Noosa,
Good to meet you!...kinda quite here🤔...maybe everyone is out!

Hi all,

Thanks for the replies.

I just have general questions like if anybody knows what the area Fintas is like. My school informs me that my accommodation will be in that location. Is the area expat friendly, any gyms/malls around that location or is everything a commute. Also what is it like driving in Kuwait? I’m hoping to get a car once I have settled in.

I have a VERY LONG list of questions but I won’t bore you with all of them (we’ll be here a very long time). 

Thank you  :)

Hi IkranJ,
Fintas nice and quite area..
Mahboula, Mangaf and Fahaheel areas are before Fintas
There are many restaurants, cooperation, malls (Al Bairaq mall Sama mall,  the Gate mall and many but you need taxi to reach but it's near by)
For driving it's better to decide after u reach then u can arrange for ur papers and so and better to get ur driving license so u can exchange cuz it depends on ur salary in the work permit and designation

Hey guys, am new here just moved from Jordan, I could need some tips and friends to show me the city and what to do here?

Hi all

My name is raz from UK. I have been offered a teaching post In Kuwait. I wanted to find out what are the usual packages like so that i can make a comparison. Also reason for relocating is primarily to save money but also experience a new culture etc. So my question is

As a teacher with a young family (2 children age 4 and 6) can I expect to save anything considering the school will only pay 50% and 25% towards tuition.
School will subsidise accommodation since I will not be sharing.
Will only pay for my flights and medical insurance

What is the living cost like?

Any insight will be appreciated. Look forward to responses.

Hi Hibah, Are you still looking to share a flat with someone?

Hi, Let me know if youre looking to share a 2 bdr flat and split the rent. Im moving to Kuwait sometime in June 2019.

Hi everybody  l'm Gono from Zimbabwe living here in Kuwait for the first time. Thank you all for the warm welcome. I look forward to continued friendship and networking , thank you. Best regards.

Hi my name is Ian

Moved to Kuwait in December working on aircraft. Looking for people to share experiences with mainly squash or sports. I'm English and can drive here.


hey would love have new friends here

I'm in Kuwait for 1 month and I'm looking for some friends to walk, talk, I speak English, Arabic and French.
hope to see you soon.


I’m an English/Kindergarten Brazilian teacher probably moving to Kuwait in August to teach.

I’ve signed a provisional job offering and now I’m just waiting for the next steps.

the Felix Institute in alShib Al Bahri

:)For music ? I am play the oud if you won’t Play

? What kind of job do you prefer

Nice place fintas u can get good accommodation. All facilities  and can get the drivering license it's easy to drive OK

Hello to everyone on board to this site, i bet it's a great being in Kuwait but not on this platform. Over 10 months now but only my local guide experience and expertise on directions, places and very few friends I have been able to explore mire places than some of the most popular members here. From Al Jahra to Mahboula, from Kuwait City to Khaitan,Salmiya to Salwa to Mishref and all the places, which I could not have known had I relied on this site. I thank God I came on board with my local guide experience and expertise from my country Kenya🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪. During my off days whether hot or cold the beaches at Marina, Green Islabd, Kuwait Towers, Bneid al Ghar, Salmiya fishing club etc are my favorite, I think I don't beg nor need to be guided by but I've been able to guide so many people from the time I arrived here. 😎😎


I don't think Asian matters, but why Kuwait?

How was the move from UAE?

Science teacher from US, moving to Kuwait in August, of course.  There must me Navy others coming here now too so let's talk.

Hello everyone,

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