New members of the Kuwait forum, introduce yourselves here - 2019

Hi all,

Newbie on the Kuwait forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in Kuwait if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hello dears
My name is Zaïnab i am from Morocco and will be moving to Kuwait on Mar 9th inchaAllah
Will definitely need some tips and infos about life in Kuwait

:) cheers

Hey I recently Moved to Kuwait and I am looking to meet some nice people out here.

I just finished my education in Sports and Business from England.

If anyone wants to play any outdoor sports like Tennis, Football, Squash or even go for a run together. Let me know. :)

you come and call me ***

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ok, how much rent, i will suggest you

Han from Cape Town South Africa

Am Fazlul Mubeen Khan from hyderabad India residing in mangaf with family, please let me know if any groups in kuwait for hyderabadi families for weekend events/gatherings/functions??

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Hello! I'm Lei from Philippines.
Been here for more than a year.
I joined this media to connect with the expat community ~
Would love to know more about the people here! :)

Hello Hibbah,

There are vacancies that I can see in Mahboula maybe you can try check, I can help you look around if you're fine with it. I have friends who are renting but I'm not sure if they will constrict as well for your nationality.



moving here to experience a new culture and make friends

Hello friends iam looking for an opportunity  to work in Kuwait at KGOC. Can anyone help me with detains/information .plizz..

Haze here from the Philippines, working in Kuwait for more than a year now and my social life is kinda dying so I need to revive it by meeting new friends. I'm into photography and would love to travel whenever my bank account and work allow me :)

Howdy everyone. I moved here about 2 months ago from Arizona, USA. I've been exploring the city with some other exPat friends and some locals. Mostly we've been hitting the tourist sites and now I'm looking to find the real Kuwait.

I'm always looking for great beaches, coffee and local cuisine. I'm a big football fan (EPL mostly) and am trying to find some good matches to go to. I'd love to find the art scene wherever it is.

My Arabic language skills are beyond terrible, but I'm working on it.



Hey everyone
Am from egypt and I'll be moving to Kuwait next month , seeking a job out there and to settle for a couple of years if I got any luck in finding a suitable job.

I'll be living in Hawalli for a while, currently searching for a gym in the area to hit  while working on the job hunting thing...I'll also be looking for some cool jazz places hosting live bands...that would be a great thing if there is any!

Hi everyone
I am ahmed from egypt i living here from 6 years and i am living in hawally
But i am new here

       I am hereby confirming registering in this site for the first time but I have been living and working here in Kuwait for months now,
      I am a professional barista and I believe working around has been the best thing ever in my life. Last year is when I came after being interviewed for the job and it took me a while to get here but on landing it was all a different experience for me.
     Back at home in my country I had registered as an online local guide and with years of experience working on the field I learnt alot which I transferred with me and it has really worked since I have never lost direction to all my destinations wherever by the use of Google map, connecting with so many friends from different countries and cultures.
       On my free time whenever am on my off day I get to the beaches, Green island, Marina Beach, and so many others just to reflect on my progressive status as a local guide, of which I also get to help people trying to find their destination on the map.
        I believe on this platform we can still share alot and get connected to more and more people and friends also since I believe in this world we are one.
       I hope to see and meet new people all over Kuwait as time goes by, I have worked in places like, Crystal tower in Kuwait city, Safat on an event, K. I. F(Kuwait International Fair Block 8 on events occasion, Surra, and currently in Al Jahra though I live in Hawalli community while I commute daily to and from, I believe that this country is blessed and among the safest, and on this site I won't get to meet scammers or dangerous people. I got friends all over but am so keen when it comes to characters and choosing friends.
  Having said all that, Thank you all, Stay blessed and safe. 🙏🙏

Hello everyone I'm Mohammed I'm Kuwaiti that really know the area well. If you have any questions. It will be my pleasure to help you with it

Hello! my second day in this beautiful city. Looking to meet new people and make friends with shared hobbies an interest.
I enjoy Watch collecting, Food, Gym, and movies!
Educational background: Finance and economics
Previous cities: Washington DC, Ny, Beirut.

Hi,  I am John Njenga, having been here in Kuwait for a while now over 6 months, basically I have been working around as a barista but am also a local guide from time back in my home country Kenya and that's where I got skills that has really helped me cope up with life here in Kuwait too.
   I also like making friends and meeting new people whereas I believe on this platform which I joined recently I'll get to connect with some of which I came across your message and chose to write to you.
     You can also reach me via email ***. I believe we can get to share a lot and possibly meet.
   Thank you.

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What's up
My name is abdelrahman, born and raised here in kuwait but i left it for 4 years
Now am back finding it much different than before
Kinda off society so am looking for new things to do, friends and activities.


Hi everyone  🙋🏻‍♂️
This is Bader (Bob) living and working in Kuwait..
I would like to know more about other countries, people, languages exchange, etc.
I can speak Arabic, English and Russian as beginner (чуть-чуть) 😊
My hobbies are Gym💪
Swimming & beach activities 🎣🏖🚤🛶
Tennis 🎾
Basketball 🏀 and volleyball 🏐

Good luck for all 😉

What are you exactly looking in kuwait

Hi casablanca7
Sorry didn't get you dear? 🤔

Hi everyone,
I am a Taiwanese.
I was a financial consultant in Taiwan  for ten years. and then I have been studying in the United States for more than two years. Now I am looking for a job in Kuwait. If there are any financial, administrative, or paperwork, planning, marketing and other job opportunities, please introduce me. I hope I can be a part of you soon.

Hello Mates
It’s me Raymond Redington  , from Bangladesh.
I serve here in Bangladesh Embassy to Kuwait as an officer .
I love to be happy with fiends and that’s my solace of life . In particular I am fond of travelling and knowing the new things .

In my bucket I have English , Arabic , Hindi & Bengali languages . Presently I am trying to learn Spanish .

Hope to have a sound and cheerful Expat life .

With best regards
Raymond Redington

Good evening ladies and gents, Teacher here at GUST ( Gulf University of Science and Technology) from London . I've been in Kuwait for less than a week, and will stick around until July.
The aim is to experience as much as possible, which involves experiencing the local culture as well as seeing what the expat community is up to.   Any like minded individuals please do get in touch !

Based in Maqnaf and want to find out what the city has to offer !

Mainly no thing special to offer but you ca  join sport GYM and go to Fahaheel area which is  near Mangaf to Al-Kout mall, restaurants a d coffee shops and around other places there 👍

Thanks for getting back in touch with me bro , signed up to the gym today so that box is ticked ! I am shocked just how expensive everything is here - how do you guys cope ! -  10KD a week for a gym is eye watering !- - checked out the beach and might pop to Al- Kout later today!

Check Comondos Gym for month like 15 I think.. check on google map in Mangaf


Welcome to Kuwait, I can teach you Arabic if you like while drinking coffee at any cafe.I like to make good friends here.

Take care

Thank you!
If I can find a job and relocate there.
I’m leaning Arabic in taiwan. Buts just learn a little.
If I move there, please teach me :)
Nice to meet you

Does anyone can tell me how can I find a job in kuwait?
I think Asian is not easy, right?
And my experience also not easy in there :(
I was a financial advisor ( stocks, options, funds, futures) - no help !
I used linked, bayt...—but no one reply.
If anyone can give me suggestions I appreciate it.

Hi Lovechow,
You can apply online for banks and financial companies. Its related to work experience and language not Asian or African or....
Good luck 👍

Hii all,
i am Fathimath, belong to India. I am in Kuwait now.

Sure, waiting you inshallah
Good luck

Hey Julien, thanks for starting the new thread for us newbies here in Kuwait  :cheers:
Moving from the UAE very soon and keen to keep up with whats on in Q8 and exploring.


Hello julien,

Jazz your site!!... Just signed up and hope to meet prospective clients at my space does matter...I'm a professional organizer and foodie lover! Living in Kuwait

Cheers everyone!


I’m a Primary School Teacher from England moving to Kuwait in August to teach. Just wondering if there’s anybody else on here from the international teaching community who’s willing to maybe answer some questions for me about life as an expat teacher in Kuwait.


Welcome to Kuwait, I am a teacher too and I lived here for more than 20 years

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