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i'm a filipina working here in kuwait for 15months. I married an egyptian man for  almost 1year . As we began our marriage we are very contented with each other. He is a muslim and i'm a christian way back then. He taught me many things in islam,he explain how to believe in Allah and words in Qur'an. Thats why before we officialy married i became a muslim. And now i'm a muslim. We both contented with our lives. No one knows about us. We kept privately our lives. I literally tell i change myself because so many things he dont allow me to do like the way i dressed up, no boys to talk too, in social media no boys like so many things. But i never mind because i respected him. But we have a very big problem now i made a mistake that i didn't mean to did it. It's just that he felt that i disrespect him as my husband. My guy friend took a picture of us i cannot refused because he dont know that i'm married and he posted it on social media and tag me on it. My husband saw it. He was very furious upon seeing our pictures. He never listen to my explanation. He told me he dont truste anymore. And it hurts me so much . I love him deeply but its just that i cannot refused culture way back. And now ,until now i'm waiting for his final decision, he didn't decide yet for our relationship. And its killing me how would be his final decision could be.

pls advice.thank you

I am a Muslim by birth it is very sad to know your situation. Whatever u are going through is a very common phenomen in Muslim societies, you did hurry to make a decesions to marry a man opposite to your customs and relegion however the past is gone you to look forward how to normalize your relationship. Though it is a issue one can discuss in detail. Just make him understand that since it is a secret marriage how can I make my friends understand the new status and he has to accept it till slowly you isolate yourself from the outer world. I hope he will understand the situation if he really loves you as marital relationship sustain on trust
I hope soon you both will be normal.
Wish u Goodluck

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